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Electric bicycles are becoming increasingly popular around the world. As communities rethink how we interact with our environments, individuals are making changes in their lives to become more sustainable. Changing how we travel is a major component to shrinking our carbon footprints. Moving towards less carbon intense methods of travel like public transit, biking, and walking, are solid steps toward the A2Zero goal of reducing vehicle miles traveled in Ann Arbor by 50% by 2030. 

An e-bike may be a great fit for you. By integrating a bicycle with a small motor, e-bikes take range and hill anxiety out of bicycling. If you want a workout, turn off the motor, and if you want to commute without sweating through your clothes, use the pedal assist feature to increase power output. 

Ann Arbor is already a bikeable town, with work being done to make it even more suitable. Imagine cruising on an e-bike, avoiding standstill traffic, eliminating direct air emissions, and all while getting across town more quickly. Though upfront costs for e-bike can be high, like all electric vehicles, the operations costs are much lower. Switching from a gasoline vehicle to an electric bike can result in big cost savings. Though an e-bike may not entirely displace your need for another vehicle, it still may be a good fit. Check out the links below for further information on e-bikes, their costs, and benefits. 


Program Specifics

The Ann Arbor Community e-Bike Discount Program is a pilot program to gauge the community's interest in e-bikes. The pilot in being done in partnership with Human Electric Hybrids, Common Cycle, and the City of Ann Arbor.  E-bike purveyors interested in joining the program should contact Simi Barr ( 

For this pilot Community e-Bike Discount Program, we are focused on two e-bike models, the Magnum Pathfinder and Raleigh Detour iE ST. These models were selected based on the following criteria: 

  • Comfortable regardless of body type
  • Capable on and off road
  • Accessories included
  • Replaceable batteries
  • Rugged and reliable
  • Robust manufacturer warranties

The selected models fall toward the low end of the e-bike cost spectrum, though they both offer quality and value.  Both models include fenders, lights, carrier racks, chainguards, and kickstands.

The Magnum Pathfinder e-bike (Retail Price: $1599) offers flexibility and comfort for all riders. The bike offers a thick 3'' tire and 20'' wheels, allowing for a comfortable ride on both roads and trails. The bike has both a throttle and Pedal Assist System which utilize a 350W Das-Kit motor housed in the rear wheel hub. If the throttle is deactivated, the bike is Class 1, if active, the bike is Class 2. 

The Raleigh Detour iE ST (Retail Price: $2500) comes from Raleigh, one of the most well-known bike companies for more than a century. The Detour comes with a Bosch Active Line mid drive motor, 7 speed Shimano Altus gears, and a 400 Wh Bosch PowerPack battery. This is a Class 1 E-bike. A more seamless user interface, well-respected brand, and more extensive warranty are some aspects which make this bike more expensive.

Magnum Pathfinder Video Tour HERE


​​Raleigh Detour Video Tour HERE​


What is the pilot E-bike Community Discount Program? The Office of Sustainability at the City of Ann Arbor has organized a pilot community discount to increase the use of electric bikes in our community. The City has partnered with Human Electric Hybrids, a local bike shop and Common Cycle, a local biking nonprofit organization, to identify and discount e-bike models with broad adoption potential in Ann Arbor. The two e-bike models identified are the Magnum Pathfinder and Raleigh Detour iE ST. Participants in the program are eligible for $100 off the retail purchase price, along with potentially additional $50 in-store credit for accessories.  These discounts are being provided by Human Electric Hybrids. 

Who can participate in the pilot program? 

Any resident of Ann Arbor is eligible to receive the discount with purchase of either e-bike model.  

How does the pilot program work?

It's easy! First, do your research. If you make the decision to purchase one of these bikes call Human Electric Hybrids (734-238-2269), mention the Community e-Bike Discount, and schedule an appointment. During this appointment, your bike will be assembled and you will learn vital information on maintenance and safety. Program participants must assist with the disposal of the packaging materials. Cardboard can be disposed of onsite, but participants should bring a bag for smaller packaging.

What about the additional $50 in store credit? 

In order to receive the $50 in-store credit, schedule your appointment during one of 3 weekly time slots. These time slots are as follows: Mondays at 9 AM, Thursdays at 6 PM, and Sundays at 2 PM. These timeslots allow program participants to come and learn together, as their bikes are assembled. Accessories are currently limited at the Kerrytown location as Human Electric Hybrids moves, so you may be provided with a voucher that can be used at the Ypsilanti location in the meantime. 

How do I learn more about e-bikes, and specifically the two offered through this program? 

Both bikes are new on the market, so there are few reviews or descriptions online. Further information and test rides are available through Human Electric Hybrids.

When can I get a discounted bike? 

The pilot ​community discount program began on July 23​ and will continue through September or while supplies last. Currently there are fewer than 100 bikes available through this program. Don't miss out! 

Where do I go to pick up my E-bike? 

Call Human Electric Hybrids to schedule an appointment. All appointments, unless otherwise specified, will take place at the Kerrytown location, located in the lower level of the Kerrytown Market, at 410 N 4th Ave. Assembly and education will take place in the outdoor patio space to allow for social distancing. 

Are financing options available?

Yes, there are financing options available. The Clean Energy Credit Union offers e-bike loans. PayPal credit is another low-interest option that may be available for you.'s%20loans,be%20pedaled%20by%20the%20rider.

How can my organization get involved in the pilot e-Bike Community Discount Program? 

If you are a seller of electric bikes and would like to join our pilot program, we'd love to have you. To learn more and discuss the program in greater depth, contact Simi Barr ( 

Who can I contact for more information about this program? 

Contact Simi Barr at and see our e-Bike Community Discount Program.pdf​!​​​