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Downtown Alleys Program

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​​Program Overview

The growth of Ann Arbor's downtown area has changed the role and function of downtown alleys and core City services. As a result, City service operations and the resources associated wit​h performing these services have become increasingly strained.

The Downtown Alleys Program is an opportunity to:

  • Examine existing issues and challenges holistically

  • Engage the downtown community

  • Develop an action plan of recommended alternatives and implementation strategies

  • Establish a means of on-going oversight and monitoring for future issues

Next Steps

  • Staff are working through the discussion of priority topics to develop recommendations and implementation strategies to address each priority issue.
  • Staff will continue to provide stakeholder updates at project milestones. Stakeholder feedback from the October 2016 stakeholder meetings indicated an interest to see changes implemented. Rather than convene an additional stakeholder meeting to further discuss potential solutions, staff are focusing effort toward implementation of all achievable solutions and pilot program opportunities.
  • Staff time and availability are limited. We will continue to work through downtown alley issues as feasible and appreciate the community's understanding of the need for staff to focus time and effort on multiple City Council and City Administration priorities.

Community Engagement and Updates

Alternatives Analysis

  • March 2017 Stakeholder Update (PDF)

  • A Recycling Collection Pilot Program (PDF) to service recycling dumpsters and carts in downtown alleys on weekends and one hour earlier on weekdays was conducted from April 1-June 30, 2017. During this time recycling collection began at 4:30 a.m., 7 days a week. Stakeholder feedback about the Pilot was collected via an online survey. Survey results.

Existing Issues and Challenges Analysis