Energy Commission

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The Energy Commission, which meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 6pm, is a group of residents, including youth, charged with:  

  • Advising City Council on energy efficiency and renewable energy policies and programs. 
  • Creating periodic public reports for improving municipal and community energy efficiency and renewable energy usage. 
  • Preparing, adopting, amending, and recommending plans to City Council that identify municipal and community-based energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.
  • Researching, designing, and supporting community education programs.  
  • Identifying and making recommendations regarding energy project financing options.  

More info about the Energy C​ommission:

​1. To join the commission you do not have to be a resident of Ann Arbor.  All those interested please feel free to apply​ here​. You're also invited to work on a working group or project team.
2. The difference between the Energy and the Environmental Commissions: the Energy Commission focuses on energy-related work versus the Environmental Commission whose focus is more on waste and natural features such as trees and rivers. ​​​​
3. The working groups are: transportation electrification, buildings and the built environment, renewable energy, and community outreach. 

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