Zero Waste Challenge

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What is the Resident Race to Z​​ero Waste Challenge?

​The Resident Race to Zero ​Waste Challenge is a home waste reduction competition​​​ run in partnership with non-profit Live Zero Waste​. Participants will work ​to produce no trash or recycling for the entire week. You'll be led through daily lessons on ​​living zero waste in Ann Arbor, ​​gain access to waste reduction and circular economy resources, ​​be entered to win prizes,  and be invited to attend several in-person waste reduction events! Registration is free and automatically enters you in a drawing to ​​win a gift basket from local businesses. ​​You can register for the challenge and learn more at​.​​​

​What is a Circular Economy?​

​A circular economy is an econom​ic system based on ​​the principles of ​eliminating waste and pollution, ​​circulating products and materials, and ​regenerating nature. ​​You can learn more about circular economies on our new Circular Economy page.​​

For more information, please contact Hannah Loftis at H​[email protected].​