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​​​Join the Race to Zero Energy Challenge, and you could win up to $500 just by reducing your home's energy and water consumption!

What is the Resident Race to Zero Energy Challenge?

The Race to Zero Energy Challenge is a home efficiency competition run in partnership with the GreenHome Institute, a local non-profit. Beginning July 1st through December 31st 2022, participants will aim to increase their home's efficiency by reducing their gas, electric, and water usage - and the households with the largest reductions will win prizes of up to $500! For more details, check out the list of prizes and see the competition eligi​bility criteria.

Sign Up & Win!

Early registrants for the Energy Challenge may be eligible for a free home energy score audit! This audit will include ​​an assessment of the home's current performance and identify areas of improvement, typically including insulation, air sealing, lighting, etc​. The report generated by this audit could help you in developing a plan to win the competition by reducing your energy and water usage! For more information, see the audit eligibility criteria below.

In addition, Ecotelligent Homes is offering 5% off attic insulation for the first five participants who claim the offer. See more information on Ecotelligent Homes here.
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To sign up for the Energy Challenge, simply fill out the below form! Registrations are open until December 1, 2022. ​​​​

 Registration Form


Most Energy Saved*:

1st Place - $500​.00
2nd Place - Prize TBD
3rd Place - Prize TBD

Other Pri​zes:

Most Improved Home Energy Score - $300.00
Most Water Saved* - Prize TBD
Most Improved Ind​oor Air Quality - Prize TBD
Biggest Reduction in Gas Usage* - Prize TBD
Most Referrals into the Program - $50.00

​Free bike from Common Cycle - $250 value Common Cycle logo.png

Certificate for two seats in a Zingerman's Bakehouse 'BAKE!' Class - $270 retail value
Certificate for two seats in a Zingerman's Deli Food or Beverage Tasting - $100 retail value zing community of bus logo png.png
Certificate for a free 9" round cake from Zingerman's Bakehouse - $90 retail value

*All categories based on reductions in usage will be judged in comparison to usage in the previous period.

Competi​tion Eligibility

  • Participants must live in the City of Ann Arbor. 
  • Participants must sign a utility release disclosure.
  • Participants must live in their home full time and cannot reduce energy by leaving their home for long periods. 
  • Participants should not sacrifice their health, safety, or comfort; please do not subject yourself to extremes in temperature in order to win. 
  • Participants who are usin​g solar power to reduce their energy may only count the solar that is used directly by their home, and not the solar that is sent back to the grid. 
  • Participants may own or rent their home.

​Free Home Energy Score Audit Eligibility 

  • Participants must​ register for the Resident Race to Zero Energy Challenge and submit their utility release.
  • Participants' home energy use and square footage will be analyzed to determine the need for an audit. The GreenHome Institute reserves the right to decline a free audit, based on these criteria.​
  • Participants who are renting must have their landlord agree to the audit.
  • Participants must be available during a timeframe offered by the auditor.
  • To learn more about what the audit entails, please visit
  • Participants who do not win a free energy audit may purchase one here; or, for income-qualified participants, check to see if you qualify for a free audit through the Washtenaw County Community Action Agency​.

Indoor Air Qual​ity​

You can learn more about the indo​or air quality portion of the competition during an en​ergy audit. In the meantime, you can visit the GreenHome Institute's website to begin exploring air quality sensors that can be used to measure your home's air quality in real time. Be sure to place these devices in high-use areas of your home, such as living rooms or bedrooms.  Air quality metrics that must be measured for the competition include:

  • CO2
  • VOCs
  • PM2.5
  • Humidity 
  • Temperature
  • Radon (you may use a county radon test at the start and end of the competition, rather than using an ongoing monitoring device.​​​)​

For ​more information, please contact Hannah Loftis at [email protected].
A4_Siddhi Venkatesh.jpgA4_Siddhi Venkatesh.jpgB4_save energy-Claire Wang.jpgC1_A2-saving-energy-sticker-Ling Yang.png
Above are the winning designs from our 2021 Saving Energy Sticker Design Contest. Image credits (left to right): ​Siddhi Venkatesh; ​Claire Wang; ​​Ling Yang