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​​As a landlord, you may not know what changes you can make to your properties, or maybe you think it’s too difficult to make  changes. Or maybe your tenants are responsible for their own utility bills so you don’t really have a sense for what changes may be warranted. Well OSI is here to help. 

Residential energy use has a big environmental impact. In making the energy to power American homes, 1.2 billion tons of greenhouse gas emissions are emitted annually. Here in Ann Arbor, the residential sector contributes 24% of total community-wide greenhouse gas emissions.


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Make a Diffe​​rence 

By taking action to reduce the energy use of your properties, you are not only helping lessen their impact on the environment, but you are also helping make them more affordable for your tenants – and ultimately more marketable! 

The US Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD) has identified a number of benefits to making energy efficiency upgrades to rental properties: 

  • Lower your utility bills for master-metered units. 
  • Reduce your maintenance needs by upgrading to new HVAC systems or efficient lighting. 
  • Reduce tenant turnover by improving the quality of your property and the comfort of the space. Tenants will enjoy having lower utility bills, too! 
  • Increase the property value by being able to offer energy-efficient units. 
Did you know you can get notifications from DTE on how your properties are using energy, including receiving shutoff notifications? Sign up for the Landlord Utility Manager tool with DTE. 

​You may also want to consider using a green lease​​ to help incentivize energy saving activities for both you and your tenants. T

​Financing for Rental ​​Housing 

Looking to finance energy efficiency improvements in your rental property? Ann Arbor has two loan programs that support rental housing.  
  • Loan Fund for R​ental Housing  - Offers low-interest loans for energy efficiency improvements to 1- to 4-unit rental properties within Washtenaw County  
  • Property Assessed ​Clean Energy (PACE)  - Provides low-interest loans  for energy improvements in commercial properties within Ann Arbor 

​Upcoming Green Rental Efficiency Standard

​​We are currently working on a green rental efficiency standard which will help ensure that all rental units in Ann Arbor are safe and efficient. To learn more or to volunteer to help create the efficiency standard (especially if you are a landlord or a tenant), please contact Zach​


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