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Need help benchmarking?​

For que​stions and support contact [email protected]​g

Follow these steps to benchmark your covered buildings and submit a report to the City of Ann Arbor:

1     Getting Started

Ann Arbor Benchmarking Compliance ChecklistFollow along an overview of the steps to submit a benchmarking report to the City of Ann Arbor
How to Benchmark for the City of Ann ArborDetailed steps for benchmarking and submitting a report

ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager Quick Start GuideGet started using ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager (ESPM)​

Need Help Benchmarking?

​​The Ann Arbor 2030 District offers free benchmarking services to member buildings.  There is no cost for Property Owner/Manager membership or to benchmark your building(s). 

Contact the District at [email protected] to learn more.

​​ 2     Set Up Your Buildings in ENERGY STAR         Portfolio Manager

How to Benchmark for the City of Ann Arbor

ESPM: How to Set Up Your Property Guide

ESPM: How to Set Your Property Video Training

ESPM: Data Collection Worksheet

​ 3     Gather and Upload Energy and Water Data

​Electricity and Natural Gas Data with DTE

Note: ​To meet the August 1, 2022 Extension deadline, please submit your enrollment forms to DTE no later than July 15, 2022.

DTE Energy Data Hub Guide: Getting Started​

DTE Energy Data Hub​Login Website

DTE Energy Data Hub ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager Connection Guide: Connecting to ESPM

ESPM How to Get Utility Data into Portfolio Manager Guide: How to manually upload data

Natural Gas Data with Constellation

Benchmarking Constellation Natural Gas Data Guide: How to download and upload data

Constellation Natural Gas Data Template

​Water Data with City of Ann Arbor

Benchmarking Water Data Guide

Benchmarking Water Meter Tracker

AquaHawk Water Data Template

​4     Submit a Benchmarking Report to the City of Ann Arbor​​

​Before you submit a Benchmarking Report, make sure to:

   Add your Ann Arbor Benchmarking ID ​to your building in the Custom ID field. Look up your Ann Arbor Benchmarking ID in the Covered Building List

2     Run the Data Quality Checker on your buildings

Submit a Benchmarking Report in one of two ways:

   Connect your property to the City of Ann Arbor to automate your annual benchmarking report. You will not have to generate and submit an annual report, streamlining the process for you.

How to Benchmark for the City of Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor Benchmarking Report_Fields Collected: Review the fields included in this automatic report.

   Manually submit a benchmarking report. You will have to repeat this process each year and if you need to fix any errors in your report.

2022 Benchmarking Report for Calendar Year 2021: Submit Here

​For que​stions and support contact [email protected]​g

For questions and support contact [email protected]