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Questions on Ann Arbor's Benchmarking Policy?

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Getting Started     |     Need Help Benchmarking?      |      Set Up your Bui​ldings in ENERGY START Portfolio Manager      |      Gather and Upload Energy and Water Data      |​      Submit a Benchmarking Report to the City    

​​​​Follow these steps to benchmark your covered buildings and submit a report to the City of Ann Arbor:

For que​stions and support contact [email protected]​g.

Getting Started​

Ann Arbor Benchmarking Compliance Checklist
 Follow an overview of the steps to submit a benchmarking report to the City of Ann Arbor.

How to Benchmark with the City of Ann Arbor
Detailed steps for benchmarking and submitting a report.

ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager Quick Start Guide​

 Get started using ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager (ESPM)​.

Need Help Benchmarking?

​​The Ann Arbor 2030 District offers free benchmarking services to member buildings.  There is no cost for Property Owner/Manager membership or to benchmark your building(s). 

Contact the District at [email protected] to learn more.

Set Up Your Buildings in ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager

How to Benchmark with the City of Ann Arbor

ESPM: How to Set Up Your Property Guide

ESPM: How to Set Your Property Video Training

ESPM: Data Collection Worksheet

​Gather and Upload Energy and Water Data

​Electricity and Natural Gas Data with DTE

NOTE: At this time, building owners MUST be an Ann Arbor 2030 District Member to access the DTE Energy Data Hub.

DTE Energy Data Hub Guide: Getting Started​

DTE Energy Data Hub: ​Login Website

DTE Energy Data Hub ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager Connection Guide: Connecting to ESPM

ESPM How to Get Utility Data into Portfolio Manager Gu​ide: How to manually upload data

Natural Gas Data with Constellation​

Benchmarking Constellation Natural Gas Data Guide: How to download and upload data

Constellation Natural Gas Data Template

​Water Data with City of Ann Arbor

Benchmarking Water Data Guide

Benchmarking Water Meter Tracker

AquaHawk Water Data Template

Submit a Benchmarking Report to the City of Ann Arbor​​

​Before you submit a Benchmarking Report, make sure to:

  1. Add your Ann Arbor Benchmarking ID ​to your building in the Standard ID field. Look up your Ann Arbor Benchmarking ID in the Covered Building List
  2. Run the Data Quality Checker on your buildings

Submit a Benchmarking Report in one of two ways:

  1. Connect your property to the City of Ann Arbor to automate your annual benchmarking report. You will not have to generate and submit an annual report each year or create a new one to fix errors, which will streamline the annual process:

  1. Manually submit a benchmarking report. You will have to repeat this process each year and if you need to fix any errors in your report.​

​For que​stions and support contact [email protected]​g.​