A2R3 Returnable Container Pilot

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​​Reduce, Reuse, Return

During A2ZERO Week, OSI partnered with four local restaurants to launch the Ann Arbor Reduce, Reuse, Return (A2R3) Returnable Container Pilot Program. ​​This program aims to reduce the amount of waste produced by restaurants in our community by providing restaurant patrons with reusable​ take-out containers. Select dishes in take-out and delivery orders from the four participating restaurants will be served in these returnable containers. If you receive a meal in one of these containers, simply wash the container and return it to a participating restaurant!​​​ ​

We are currently using public feedback an​d the results of our pilot program to determine where to go from here, how to further involve customers of the restaurants, how to expand to other restaurants and retail businesses, and how to otherwise shape this waste reduction program into a permanent fixture of our com​munity!​ If you have any questions or feedback regarding the program, please reach out to us at [email protected].

​​Participating Businesses:​​​

Detroit Street Filling St​ation​ 

El Har​issa​​​ ​​

M​​iss Kim​​ 

Zingerm​an's ​Delicatessen​ ​

Questio​​​​ns? Check out our FAQ docu​ment or email​ us.