A2ZERO Scavenger Hunt

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​The A2ZERO Scavenger Hunt is a fun new game that helps "daylight" many of the sustainability activities underway in our community. During the scavenger hunt, you'll learn about ​these sustainability activities and the organizations that are undertaking them, and you'll be able to experience downtown Ann Arbor in a new light - and perhaps discover some new locations you haven't noticed before! Plus, you'll get a free treat during your adventure​!


Scavenger Hunt Launch Date: Tuesday, June 1st 2021 

Starting Location: Ann Arbor Farmer’s Market (315 Detroit Street)

End Location: That's a secret! (But it's within a 3-block radius of the Starting Location!)

Estimated Walking Distance: 4.1 mi (1.5 – 2.5 hours, depending on stops/activities/speed)

Estimated Biking Distance: 4.8 mi (1 – 2 hours, depending on stops/activities/speed​)

​​Before you Start 

This scavenger hunt highlights public and private locations within the City of Ann Arbor that focus on environmentally sustainable practices. It is intended to be an interactive and educational activity for all age groups. Completion time has no effect on any game mechanics. Complete this scavenger hunt at your own pace (over multiple days if needed) and practice safe street travel.

Operating Hours

Some locations within the scavenger hunt are only open for certain times during the day/week. Most locations involve tasks that can be accomplished during non-business hours. Please be respectful of posted business hours and skip tasks if needed.

GPS Disclaimer

All locations include GPS coordinates via in-app map guidance. GPS location check-ins are required to complete certain tasks throughout the scavenger hunt. Sometimes buildings/service can interrupt or distort your actual location. If you run into any issues with GPS check-in you can always skip a task and progress with the event.

Point System

Points are just for fun! While completing all stages of the scavenger hunt is encouraged, obtaining 100% completion ​is certainly not required to have a great time while learning about sustainability in Ann Arbor.

How to Get Started

Downloading the Actionbound app will be required to participate in the scavenger hunt. To download this app, y​ou can click the link in the previous sentence, search for Actionbound in your app store, or scan the QR code below.

To start the scavenger hunt, simply scan the QR code below from inside the Actionbound app!​

Note: If you scan this QR code from the Actionbound app, you will be brought to the start of the scavenger hunt. If you scan this QR code from any other platform, you will be brought to an Actionbound page from which you can download the app. The default language on this page is German - you can switch to English by clicking the 3 horizontal bars in the top right corner of the page and selecting English from the drop-down menu.