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​Public Works staff service 22,000 single and multifamily tra​​sh carts per Ann Arbor refuse truck.jpgweek and during the spring, summer and fall collect 8,000 tons of compost and associated material. Residential and business recycling carts are serviced by Recycle Ann Arbor while the City picks up commercial recycling dumpsters. 

Missed cart

To report missed pickup or other problem, please use A2 Fix It.​ 

Setting out cart

  • ​Carts can be placed on the street, unless street is busy or has bike lane, then place on the extension.

  • Cart handles face a way from the street. 

  • Put carts out the nigh​t before your scheduled pick up day. 

  • Carts  must be 3 feet apart, lids fully closed and without any trash or debris on top or around them (trash outside the cart will not be picked up).

  • Carts should be brought in by noon the following day.

  • In winter, keep carts free of snow, unburied from snow banks, clear of ice and accessible to collection trucks.

  • Never place carts on snow banks, instead shovel out a spot on the road or extension so the cart can sit level.

Not allowed in carts or dumpsters​

  • Hot ashes from fireplaces or grills. 

  • Household Toxics​ such as oil paints, pesticides, solvents, weed killers, drain cleaners, oven cleaners, mercury thermometers, photography and pool chemicals, and other products labeled Danger, Warning, Poison, Flammable or Corrosive. Never discard these items in the trash or flush down the drain. Use them up as described on the label and discard empty container as refuse or deliver partially unused containers to the Washtenaw County Home Toxics Cente​r​. ​

  • Appliances that contain Freon​. Freon removal is provided for a ​fee at Recycle Ann Arbor's​ Drop-Off Sta​tion​.

  • Items that can be recycled. 

  • Televisions, computers and other electronics

  • Yard waste (prohibited by state law from burial in Michigan landfills). Dispose of yard waste in compost carts. 

  • Michigan landfill-prohibited residential materials​ include:​ liquids, deposit beverage containers, used motor oil, whole vehicle tires, lead acid batteries, yard clippings, sewage, PCBs, asbestos, radioactive and/or hazardous waste. 


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