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​The City’s Signs, Signals crew is responsible for a diverse number of functions that help residents and visitors navigate the City safely.


The City of Ann Arbor currently maintains more than 200 traffic signals, flashing beacons, illuminated guidance signs and pedestrian crossings. This includes construction, modernization, yearly preventative maintenance and repairs. Traffic signals are connected with fiber optic lines and networked for advanced real-time traffic control. This fiber optic system is also installed and maintained by our signs and signals crew. Adaptive traffic control and signal timing is deployed in many of the areas of the city, and the system is growing.


The City’s sign shop is responsible for 30,000 sign locations, including installation, replacement, repairs, and customization as needed for projects. We use state of the art sign making technology to adhere to national standards for sign requirements. 


The City of Ann Arbor has 7,700 streetlights, 2,500 of which city staff maintain with the other 5,200 belonging to DTE.  The City also owns and maintains numerous power receptacles in the downtown area that are used for events such as Art Fair.

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