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Resident Street Tree Planting Program

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​​​​​​​​​​​​Residents​​​ interested in planting a tree adjacent to their property, before the city's annual street tree planting program arrives in their area, will be able to do so as part of the Resident Street Tree Planting program. ​This program runs every fall. Residents will be responsible for planting the tree, paying $135 towards to the purchase of tree and watering and caring for the tree.   

Steps to take part

1) Fill out a resident tree planting a​pplication (PDF) and a volunte​er w​aiver form​ (forms may also be picked up at the customer service desk located at Larcom City Hall, first floor 301 E. Huron St.).

2) Mail completed forms to:

City of Ann Arbor
​Resident Street Tree Planting 
PO Box 8647
Ann Arbor, MI 48107


Forms can also be delivered to the customer service desk located at Lacrom City Hall. 

3​) City staff will review the application. If accepted, the applicant will be sent an invoice for $135, which will be payable within 30 days. ​​​Checks should be made​ payable to the City of Ann Arbor and can be mailed or hand-delivered to City Hall. 

The deadline to file an application is September 30, 2021​​​. ​

Who does what?

City staff are responsible for:

  • ​Ordering the trees.
  • Calling Miss Dig to mark underground utilities.
  • Delivering the tree to the site.
  • Pre-digging the hole. T​he loosened soil will be left in the hole for removal by resident during tree planting. Resident will not be allowed to do the digging.  
  • Providing instruction on planting and caring for the street tree.
  • Verifying that the street tree was planted and mulched properly.
  • Adding a trunk protector to the tree.
  • Adding the tree to the city’s street tree inventory.
  • Staking, if necessary. ​

Residents are responsible for:

  • ​Ensuring that the roots of the bare root tree do not dry out by covering the roots in wet newspaper, mulch or placing in a bucket of water.  Trees to be planted under this program will be bare root stock (roots exposed without soil).  
  • Planting the tree. Planting the tree within three days is critical to the survival of the tree. Remember, staff will have the site ready to go for you. The hole will be pre-dug and the loosened soil will be in the hole. All you need to do is remove the soil and plant that tree!  
  • Providing additional top soil, as needed, during planting.
  • Providing mulch around the tree. Avoid creating a "mulch​ volcano" around the tree. 
  • Watering, with at least five gallons a week the first year.​

There is no warranty for trees that are planted as part of this program. ​Trees will not be replaced until the area falls under the regular planting program. ​