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​Riverscape, by Joshua Wiener

Location: Kingsley and First Street Rain Garden

Medium: Powdered coated steel sculpture 

Installed: 2014

This rain garden was created as a collaboration between Joshua Wiener(artist) and Patrick Judd(landscape architect). This site has been reshaped to decrease flooding to protect the river. The artwork has small mouth bass on the land to suggest how this rain garden is an extension of the river. The fish are white outlines to evoke a human perception. The perspective of the audience is important to how this artwork is experienced. The fish are staggered in a way that makes the fish appear to move as you pass the space. By passing the site and observing it you have become an active part of the artwork. Fish swim upstream, in this site the fish are swimming into traffic to show that we are a major force in the river. Riverscape.jpg