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​​​​​Retail fraud (shoplifting) committed by a first time offender may be eligible for the Retail Fraud First Time Offender Program. This program allows first time offenders the possibility of having the charges dismissed after they have completed a court ordered program and probationary period if they plead guilty to the offense.

Retail Establishments – Procedure for Reporting Retail Frauds

To report a retail fraud, call Metro Dispatch at 734.994.2911 as soon as possible after the arrest of the suspect by store personnel.  Call 911 immediately if you have a suspect that is actively fighting or fleeing.  Metro Dispatch will ask for the suspect's full name and date of birth.

If the suspect is a juvenile (16 years old or under), dispatch will need to know if a parent has been notified and is able to take custody of the child from store personnel.

Dispatch will evaluate the incident and advise the retail establishment whether they can release the suspect or if an AAPD officer will be responding.  If the suspect is to be released by the retail establishment without an AAPD officer responding, the store shall enter the case number provided by Metro Dispatch on an AAPD Retail Fraud Form (see below for the form) which is to be completed and faxed to AAPD with a copy of the store's report.  The Ann Arbor 15th District Court (or juvenile court for those 16 and under) will notify the suspect by mail when to appear for court.

Eligibility for Retail Fraud First Offender Program

If the below criteria is met for a retail fraud case, Metro Dispatch will provide the retail establishment with a case number without an AAPD officer responding to the scene. Please note that if there are multiple suspects for an incident and one of them is not eligible for the First Offender Program, then none of the suspects are eligible for the program.

  • Suspect does not resist arrest when apprehended.

  • Value of the stolen property is less than $500.

  • Identification of the suspect is clearly established.

  • The suspect admits responsibility for the crime.

  • Suspect has no prior criminal record.

  • Retail establishment has a formal report that they will complete and submit to AAPD.

    • Retail establishment must fax the report and AAPD Retail Fraud Form (PDF) to 734.994.2850​.  If a report is not faxed to AAPD within 7 days the case may be closed and may not be investigated.

    • The report must contain the following:

      • Suspect identifying information (photos are helpful).

        • If the suspect is a juvenile, parent and school information is required.

      • A narrative describing the elements of the crime (witness observations, how and where the merchandise was concealed, suspect statements/admissions, etc.).

      • Detailed list and photographs of the stolen/recovered merchandise.