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​​The Ann Arbor Police Department's goal is to effectively and efficiently apply the resources to develop long-term solutions for criminal or quality of life concerns while building a stronger relationship in the business community.  We use effective problem-solving strategies that educate property and business owners and work collaboratively using an asset-based community development approach.

  • Panhandling Outsid​​e Businesses (PDF) - Panhandling is prohibited within the City of Ann Arbor under the circumstances outlined in Chapter 108 of the City Ordinance.  See the attached PDF for more details.  To report aggressive panhandling, please call 911 or 734.994.2911.
  • Problem Customers - Customers can sometimes become problematic when they exhibit behavior that is inappropriate while inside a business.  Typically this problem can be resolved by the owner or manager asking the person to refrain from returning to their store.  If you have a problem customer who continues to visit the premises even after being asked not to, you may contact our Community Engagement Unit for help with this situation.  If the person poses an immediate threat or refuses to leave when asked, call 911.
  • Trespassing - A person is considered to be trespassing on a property after he/she has been forbidden to be at the property by the owner or occupant of the property.  If you have given verbal notification to a person that they are no longer welcome on your property and they continue to enter your property our officers can read them trespass and serve them a trespass notice.  The trespass notice prohibits the person from accessing your property and is kept on file with the AAPD.  Should the person return to the property once they have been served a trespass notice that person is subject to misdemeanor charges under State law and immediate arrest.
  • Community Engagement - If you would like an officer to speak or be present at your event, contact our Community Engagement Unit by emailing Susan Casey, [email protected]

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