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For all non-sufficient funds and no account/closed account check incidents a five-day bad​ check/demand l​etter​ (PDF) must be mailed by certified mail (return receipt requested) before any investigation can occur. 

Criteria for Police Ac​tion on Bad Checks

  1. No two party checks (i.e., checks endorsed to a second party).

  2. Single-owner checks (i.e., account held in only one name).

  3. Checks must be $50 or more.

  4. Identity of check writer known to recipient or positive identification from a drivers license or personal I.D. card number must be verified and written on check by clerk.

  5. Must be reported within 60 days after receiving notification from the bank.

  6. Five-day bad check notice must be sent by certified mail (return receipt requested).

  7. No partial payments can be accepted by receiver of bad check.

  8. No postdated checks.

  9. No rent payment checks.

  10. No checks drawn on out of state banks.

Forged/Counterfeit Checks

Forged/Counterfeit checks are not eligible for the Bad Check Restitution Program.

The Ann Arbor Police Department will investigate forged/counterfeit check complaints when all of the following are met:

  • The check was passed in AAPD jurisdiction.

  • Complaint is reported within 60 days after the check was returned from the bank

  • The victim provides the original check or a legible copy.

  • The victim provides a statement of goods or services that were purchased.

  • If the account holder is the victim, a copy of the affidavit of forgery from the bank in which the check was drawn on is provided.

A five-day bad check notice is not needed for forged/counterfeit checks.


If you have questions regarding bad checks or fraud, please contact Detective Brad Rougeau, 734.794.6930, extension 49305 or [email protected].​

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