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​​​​​Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all community programs, including Neighborhood Watch meetings, will be cancelled or postponed until further notice.  Thank you for your patience. 

There are many ways and opportunities for all ages to learn about and get involved with the Ann Arbor Police Department. 

Jack Dentler Ann Arbor Citizens' Police, Fire and Court Academy                         Ready Ann Arbor     

 ​ Police, Fire, Court Academy      Neighborhood Watch         Ready Ann Arbor         Safety Town

Jack Dent​​​ler Ann Arbor Citizens' Police, Fire and Court Academy Program 

Citizens often wish they knew more about the public safety system. In turn, Ann Arbor Police Department, Ann Arbor Fire Department and 15th District Court members wish the public had a b​etter understanding of the challenges facing police officers, firefighters, attorneys and judges.

To bridge the gap, the Ann Arbor Police Department, Ann Arbor Fire Department and the 15th District Court have joined together to create the Ann Arbor Citizens’ Police, Fire and Courts Academy, which is the first program of its kind in Michigan.  

This is an eight-week program that is held at the Ann Arbor Police and Fire departments, Washtenaw Community College and the 15th District Court. Classes are held once a week, and the program includes:

Po​l​​​ice Department

  • Patrol division - traffic stop tactics and scenarios | Investigative division - detective investigation | Use of force/weapon platforms | K-9 unit.

15th D​istrict Court

  • Organizational structure | Criminal justice system | Court processes | Court programs.

Fire Depar​​​tment

  • Fire responder's role | Pre-hospital care | Fire response and behavior | Hazardous material | Technical rescue | Emergency management.

The next academy will start in February 2021.  A press release with exact dates and other details will come out in early November 2020  If interested in participating, complete and submit the Jack Dentler Citizens-Police-Fire-and-Court-Academy.aspx

For more information, contact PSS Susan Casey, Ann Arbor Police Department, 734.794.6900, ext. 49526​, or scasey@a2gov.org.

​​​Neighborhood​ Watch

The Neighborhood Watch program is a partnership between local law enforcement and the Ann Arbor community with the goal of reducing crime and illegal activities that occur in neighborhoods. This program works by bringing neighborhood residents together for the purpose of reporting suspicious activity, informing each other about crimes that occur in the neighborhood and employing crime-prevention techniques. Each neighborhood has a volunteer block captain, whose role is to gather information and to disseminate important crime prevention information to residents. The police department's role is to respond to calls for service, provide resources and information to the block captain and to notify the block captain if there are crime patterns or trends identified within his or her neighborhood.

Upcoming Neighborhood Watch meetings:

Meetings have been on Zoom.  For current block captains, please watch for emails for the next online meeting.

Benefits of the Neighbo​​rhood Watch program

  • We reduce our risk of becoming victims of crime.

  • We become better at responding to suspicious activity.

  • We gain access to information about crimes in our area.

  • A Neighborhood Watch sign shows that our neighborhood is not an easy target.

  • We get to know our neighbors better for mutual protection.

  • We feel safer, less fearful of crime.

  • We can address other issues of concern to our neighborhood.

Beginning a Neighborhood Watch program is simple. First, check with your neighbors to determine if residents ​are interested in participating and establish a contact list of participants with phone or email addresses. Contact Susan Casey, Ann Arbor Police Department Neighborhood Watch coordinator, at 734.794.6900 ext. 49526, for more program details. Finally, the block captain(s) will conduct an initial meeting to include: neighbor introductions, program overview, and identify goals and expectations. The block captain(s) should also visit neighbors who were unable to attend the meeting.

To answer the call to double the amount ​​​​of neighborhood watches throughout the United States, please sign up with the Nati​on​al Neighborhood Watch Database, sponsored and maintained by the National Association of Sheriffs. All information is kept confidential.​ 

If you are interested in becoming a Neighborhood Watch block captain, please fill out the application and submit it!  Neighborhood-Watch-Block-Captain-Application.aspx


We are in the process of reorganizing this program.  More information to come.

Ready Ann Arb​​​or​​

The Ann Arbor Police and Fire departments have launched a new community preparedness program for residents. Modeled after the Department of Homeland Security's Ready campaign, Ready Ann Arbor will aim to educate and empower the public to prepare for, respond to and mitigate emergencies, including natural and manmade disasters, while promoting preparedness through public involvement.

The two-day training takes place over two Saturdays. The topics covered during this initial training include crime prevention, hands-only CPR, personal safety, stop the bleed, active shooter training, home fire safety, covering resources in community, and fire extinguishers training. 

Ready Ann Arbor participants must:

If you are interested in learning more about Ready Ann Arbor, please contact PSS Susan Casey, Ready Ann Arbor program coordinator, at 734.794.6900, extension 49526, or scasey@a2gov.org.

Upcoming Ready ​​Ann Arbor training:

Early 2021 (Dates TBD).  Look for a press release to come out in late October/early November.


We are in the process of reorganizing this program.  More information to come. 

To apply, complete and submit the Ready Ann Arbor training application Ready-Ann-Arbor-Training-Application.aspx  (Note: we changed the application so you can just fill it out online and submit it.

 Safety Town

Safety Town is one of most popular summer safety educational programs geared for young 5’s, kindergarteners and first graders. Safety Town is sponsored by the Ann Arbor Police Department and the Ann Arbor Recreation and Education Department. The program is designed to teach children about safety in a fun and interactive learning environment.

Kids learn how to evaluate safe from unsafe when confronted with potentially dangerous situations. Students will have an opportunity to explore a child-sized mock Ann Arbor "town" on bicycles. Guest speakers include police officers, firefighters, healthcare workers, bike safety specialists and "Buster the Bus," AAPS's own talking school bus. Songs, games, stories and art projects reinforce the lessons being taught. Our program includes classes such as: bike and vehicle safety, stranger safety, fire safety, pedestrian safety, and riding a school bus.

Learn for more information on the Safety Town website. ​

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