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To pick up or retrieve property from the property unit, please call 734.794.6952 to verify that your property is ready to be released. If your property is ready to be released, an appointment will be scheduled Monday through Thursday between the business hours of 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Property will not be released without an appointment. Please have your case number available when you call for an appointment.

Found Property

If you believe that a property item on the below list may be yours, please contact the property unit between 9 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. Monday-Thursday. You will be asked to provide a more detailed description in order to prove ownership.

​18-13243​03/30/2018​CELL PHONE
​18-11449​03/18/2018​SAMSUNG CELL PHONE
​18-11139​03/16/2018​MENS WATCH
​18-09585​03/07/2018​CELL PHONE
​18-07589​02/20/2018​AIR SOFT GUN
​18-04945​02/03/2018​CHANGE PURSE
​18-04347​01/29/2018​NAIL GUN TOOL PART, CELL PHONE, CASE
​18-03239​01/22/2018​MULTI TOOLS, WALLET, KEY CHAINS
​18-02542​01/18/2018​FLIP STYLE CELL PHONE
​18-02480​01/17/2018​BLACK AND YELLOW BACKPACK
​18-00892​01/07/2018​CAR KEY FOB
​17-58570​12/21/2017​KNIFE, LIGHTER
​17-56357​12/07/2017​DEBIT CARD
​17-55586​12/04/2017​BRACELET, NECKLACE, BAG
​17-54375​11/30/2017​SUN GLASSES
​17-46513​10/10/2017​YELLOW BICYCLE
​17-45751​10/07/2017​MISC TOOLS
​17-44439​10/01/2017​WOMEN'S RING
​17-43968​09/28/2017​SAMSUNG CELL PHONE
​17-42838​09/21/2017​PELICAN CASE, 2 ROUTERS
​17-41145​09/12/2017​CELL PHONE
​17-40564​09/09/2017​CELL PHONE
​17-40265​09/07/2017​WOMEN'S WRIST WATCH
​17-39391​09/02/2017​AIR SOFT GUN

Property Auctions

The property unit does not hold auctions. All items available for sale are sold through www.propertyroom.com. More than 600 law enforcement agencies nationwide participate in this program. 

Retrieving Case-related Property

If you are inquiring about property related to your case please contact the Detective in charge of your case prior to calling the property unit. The Detective Bureau phone number is 734.794.6930. Approval from the Detective and/or Prosecutor’s Office is required before any case property can be released.

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