Zoning Board of Appeals

Zoning Board of Appeals

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​Zoning Board of Appeals

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The purpose of the Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) is to hear and decide appeals and to authorize variances from the strict application of the zoning, off-street parking, landscape, streets, storm water and fence ordinances. 

The ZBA is composed of nine members of the public, including one member of the City Council and one member of the City Planning Commission.  ZBA members serve three year terms.   


The Zoning Board of Appeals meets on the fourth Wednesday of most months at 6 pm. in Council Chamber, 2nd floor, Larcom City Hall (301 E. Huron St.). Click on the link below for the current schedule:

Starting in September 2011, the Zoning Board of Appeals meeting schedule, packets, minutes and videos are available at the City of Ann Arbor's Legislative Information Center. 

  • Access the calendar page.
  • Select "Zoning Board of Appeals" from the drop-down menu at the top of the page.
  • Click on the "Search Calendar" button. 
  • Staff reports can be found by clicking the "Meeting Details" link for each meeting date.

Application Procedure and Forms

  • A pre-filing meeting is required for all applicants. Contact Jon Barrett at jbarrett@a2gov.org or 734-794-6000, x42654 to arrange a meeting. Please bring a draft application with drawings, plans, etc. for discussion.
  • The Zoning Board Application fees are as follows and are due at the time the application is filed.
    • Single & Two-Family: $500 per address
    • Multiple-Family & Commercial: $600 per address
    • Administrative Appeal: $1,000
  • Payment is accepted by check or by credit card using the Payment Cover Sheet (PDF).

  • Applications must include all required information such as drawings, site plans, floor plans and/or photographs to completely describe the request. (See Section 5 of the Application).
  • If someone other than the property owner submits an application, a letter of authorization must be provided from the property owner. This letter must give the applicant permission to appear before the Zoning Board of Appeals regarding the specific request.

  • When submitting, all applications must be signed.

  • Applications must be received by noon of the due date.

  • Applicant must supply 1 original packet and an electronic version of the original packet (CD with Adobe pdf file preferred or emailed to Planning@a2gov.org)
  • All communication with ZBA members must be through the application and at public meetings.

Archived Minutes

Minutes for meetings from September 2011 on can be found on the Zoning Board of Appeals calendar on the Legislative Information Center.

For copies of minutes prior to September 2011, contact Mia Gale at 734.794.6000 x 42665 or email mgale@a2gov.org


Last Updated: August 11, 2017

Zoning Coordinator

Jon Barrett

734.794.6000 x42654


Zoning Board of Appeals Administrative Support:

Kristen Vander Lugt

734.794.6000 x42618