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Codes and Guidelines

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​​​​​​​Codes Relevant to Planning and Development ​

See the City Clerk's Office for City Code for documentation. The chapters listed below are particularly important to the development review process. 

  • Chapter 26:   Solid Waste Management
  • Chapter 47:   Streets
  • Chapter 55:   Zoning Ordinance 
  • Chapter 57:   Subdivision and Land Use Control
  • Chapter 58:   Territorial Annexations
  • Chapter 59:   Off-Street Parking
  • Chapter 60:   Wetlands Preservation Ordinance
  • Chapter 61:   Signs and Outdoor Advertising
  • Chapter 62:   Landscape and Screening
  • Chapter 63:   Storm Water Management and Soil Erosion and Sedimentation
  • Chapter 103:  Historical Preservation
  • Chapter 104:  Fences

Related Regulations and Guidelines

NEW!  Developer's Guide to Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (PDF)

Some regulations and policies are not part of the Ann Arbor City Code, but have been approved separately by City Planning Commission and/or City Council. 

Chapter 57, Subdivision and Land Use Control, outlines the types of development that require site plan approval. If approval is necessary, the Land Development Regulations identify the required information for area plans, site plans, plats, and land divisions. 

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