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Looking for the Unified Development Code?

The Unified Development Code was adopted on July 16, 2018.  It replaces portions of Chapter 47 and all of Chapters 55, 56, 57, 59, 60, 61, 62, 63, and 104 as well as the Land Development Regulations. 

Download and print a copy of the UDC here:  Chapter 55 Unified Development Code (PDF)


The information below is provided as archive information of past work, and is not being updated on a regular basis.

ZORO:  A project to clarify and reorganize the Zoning Ordinance and ten other development-related Ordinances

City Council adopted Chapter 55,  The Unified Development Code, on July 16, 2018 through passage of Ordinance 18-08 (PDF). 


The City's land use and development ordinances and regulations are scattered among 10 different chapters of the City Code. Each chapter was prepared and adopted independently and resulted in a sometimes confusing, hard to follow format with inadvertent repetition and slight inconsistencies.   The most-referenced chapter, the Zoning Ordinance (Chapter 55), was drafted 45 years ago and has been sporadically, incrementally updated since. 

The complete problem statement, project goals, scope of work, leadership team and project schedule are found in the 

ZORO Project Plan (PDF).  The Diagnosis and Annotated Outline (pdf) describes concerns of the current city codes related to land use and development and proposes a detailed outline of a single new, clarified, reorganized, consolidated chapter. ​​

The  10 development-related chapters of the City Code were:

  1. Chapter 47 (Streets and Curb Cuts)
  2. Chapter 55 (Zoning)
  3. Chapter 56 (Prohibited Land Uses)
  4. Chapter 57 (Subdivision and Land Use Regulations, and the attached Land Development Regulations)
  5. Chapter 59 (Off-Street Parking)
  6. Chapter 60 (Wetlands Preservation)
  7.  Chapter 61 (Signs and Outdoor Advertising)
  8. Chapter 62 (Landscaping and Screening)
  9.  Chapter 63 (Soil Erosion, Sedimentation Control and Storm Water Management)
  10. Chapter 104 (Fences)

Project Background

The ZORO Project is the second step of a multi-step City initiative to consolidate and update land use plans and codes. 

In Step 1, the four area master plans (Central Area, Northeast Area, South Area and West Area) were consolidated into a single document. The Master Plan: Land Use Element was adopted by the City Planning Commission on May 5, 2009 and by the City Council on November 4, 2009.   

In Step 2, the development-related chapters of the City Code will be reviewed and revised to improve navigation, address minor inconsistencies, and enhance user-friendliness:  the ZORO Project.   

In Step 3, the Master Plan: Land Use Element may be reviewed for relevancy and appropriateness of its land use recommendations and planning principles. Updating the Plan and broadly applying its recommendations and principles will be much easier because of the consolidation that occurred in Step 1. 

In Step 4, the development-related chapters of the City Code, as revised, may be reviewed for changes that reflect and implement the changes to the Master Plan that were identified and made in Step 3. The work done as part of the ZORO Project in Step 2 will make this task significantly easier and more effective. 


Last updated 4/29/2019



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