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​Project Background

The R4C and R2A zoning districts were established in the 1960’s. Since that time the City has experienced some significant redevelopment in these zones and concerns have been raised as to how this development fits within the current goals and policies of the City. 

In early 2009, the City Council directed City Planning Commission and Planning staff to work with the public and provide City Council with a report with recommendations for potential ordinance changes to the R2A and R4C residential zoning districts found in the Central Area.  In August 2009, a citizen Advisory Committee was appointed with members from each Council Ward as well as a landlord representative, Planning Commissioner and City Council member.

The Advisory Committee was charged with documenting issues and identify what, if any changes are needed. The Advisory Committee will work with staff throughout the course of the community outreach effort; advising on the outreach strategy, reviewing assumptions and providing feedback at important project milestones. 

Advisory Committee Roster

City Council Representative
Tony Derezinski

Planning Commission  Representative
Jean Carlberg

Rental Property Owner Representative
Chuck Carver 

Representatives from each Ward of the City
1st Ward Representatives: Ilene Tyler, David Merchant

2nd Ward Representatives: Wendy Carman, Carl Luckenbach

3rd Ward Representatives: Ellen Rambo, Michele Derr  

4th Ward Representatives: Julie Weatherbee, Nancy Leff

5th Ward Representative: Ethel Potts

July 2013 - R4C Committee Appointed

On July 1, 2013, City Council appointed a citizens committee to advise the Planning Commission on draft ordinance amendments to be presented in City Council. 

April 2013 - Planning Commission Forwards Report

On April 16, 2013, the City Planning Commission passed a resolution forwarding the R4C/R2A report to City Council and recommended that City Council authorize the Planning Commission and Planning staff to begin work on the ordinance changes.   

May 2012 - Advisory Committee Issues Final Report

The final Advisory Committee report was presented to the Planning Commission in May 2012.

Background Information 

Meeting Summaries and Focus Group Notes

Student Survey

Project Maps

All maps are DRAFT for discussion purposes ONLY

 Last Updated: January 22, 2014