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​​Final report of the North Main - Huron River Corridor Vision Task Force:

Project Description

City Council created the North Main – Huron River Vision Task Force to develop a vision to create/complete/enhance pedestrian and bike connection from downtown Ann Arbor to Bandemer Park and Huron River Drive; increase public access to the river-side amenities of existing parks in the North Main–Huron River corridor; ease traffic congestion at Main and Depot streets at certain times of day; and recommend use of the MichCon property at Broadway.

The task force will also recommend to Council the best use of 721 N. Main. The task force will provide its recommendation for 721 N. Main to Council by Dec. 31, 2012, and submit its report to Council by July 31, 2013.  A separate webpage has been set up for the 721 N. Main component of the North Main - Huron River corridor Project. 

(Click map on right to open in a larger view - PDF)

North Main-Huron River Corridor Area Map image 

Task Force Members

Bonnie BonaPlanning Commission 
Connie BrownAnn Arbor Public Art Commission 
Cynthia Ives Boating/Fishing/River Users 
Darren McKinnon Water Hill Neighborhood 
David Santacroce North Central Neighborhood 
Elizabeth Riggs Huron River Watershed Council 
Julie Grand Parks Advisory Commission 
Mike MartinBusiness and Property Owners 
Paul Ganz Business and Property Owners
Ray Detter Old Fourth Ward 
Rita Combest Huron River/Newport
Sabre BriereCouncilmember
Sandi Smith Ward One
Tamara BurnsBroadway/Pontiac Neighborhood 

Related Studies and Plans

Task Force Meeting Schedule (PDF)

Subcommittee Meeting Schedules (PDF) 

Task Force Meeting-- July 11, 2012: Agenda (pdf); Approved Minutes (pdf); MML Open Meetings Act Article (pdf); Resolution Regarding Open Meetings for City Committees, Commissions, Boards and Task Forces (pdf); Resolution Establishing North Main - Huron River Corridor Taskforce (pdf)

Walking Tour of Task Force Focus Area, at 721 N. Main St., Ann Arbor:

  • Wednesday, July 25, 2012, 5-7 p.m.
  • Wednesday, Aug. 1, 2012, 5-7 p.m.

Task Force Meeting-- August 8, 2012: Agenda (pdf) ; Approved 8-8 Minutes (pdf)
Task Force Meeting-- August 22, 2012: Agenda (pdf); Approved 8-22 Minutes (pdf); Input for N. Main Street Task Force:  Complete Streets Coordination with MDOT Railroad Improvements – Eli Cooper (pdf); Presentation for NMTF Meeting #3 - Connie Pulcipher (pdf)

Task Force Meeting-- September 12, 2012: Meeting Agenda (pdf); Approved 9-12 Minutes (pdf)
Task Force Meeting-- October 3, 2012: Meeting Agenda (pdf); Approved 10-3 Minutes (pdf); Meeting Presentation (pdf)
721 N. Main Project- City-wide Meeting #1-- Wednesday, October 10: Agenda & Flyer (pdf); Meeting Summary (pdf); City-wide Meeting 1 Presentation (pdf)
Task Force Meeting-- October 24, 2012: Meeting Agenda (pdf); Approved 10-24 Minutes (pdf); Attachment: 721 North Main Presentation (pdf)

Task Force Meeting-- November 14, 2012: Meeting Agenda (pdf); Meeting Presentation (pdf); Approved 11-14 Minutes (pdf)
Task Force Meeting-- December 5, 2012: Meeting Agenda (pdf); Meeting Presentation (pdf); Approved 12-5 Minutes (pdf)
Task Force Meeting-- January 2, 2013: Meeting Agenda (pdf); Meeting Presentation (pdf); Sub-Committees Document (pdf); Approved Meeting Minutes (pdf)
North Main Vision Task Force Presentation to City Council on 1/7/13: First Recommendations to City Council Regarding 721 N. Main Street (pdf)

Task Force Meeting-- January 23, 2013: Meeting Agenda (pdf); Approved Meeting Minutes (pdf)
Task Force Meeting-- February 13, 2013: Meeting Agenda (pdf); Approved Meeting Minutes (pdf)
Task Force Meeting-- March 6, 2013: Meeting Agenda (pdf); Approved Meeting Minutes (pdf)
Task Force Meeting-- March 27, 2013: Meeting Agenda (pdf); Approved Meeting Minutes (pdf)
Task Force Meeting-- April 17, 2013: Meeting Agenda (pdf); Approved Minutes (pdf)
Task Force Meeting-- May 8, 2013: Meeting Agenda (pdf); Approved Minutes (pdf)
Task Force Meeting/ Prep meeting for City-Wide Meeting #1-- May 15, 2013 
City-wide Meeting #1 -- May 22, 2013: Meeting Handout & Agenda (pdf); Meeting presentation (links to external site); Meeting Summary (including feedback from A2Open City Hall) (pdf)
Task Force Meeting -- May 29, 2013: Meeting Agenda (pdf); Special Presentation (pdf); Approved Minutes
Task Force Meeting/ Prep meeting for City-Wide Meeting #2-- June 10, 2013, Larcom Basement Conference Rooms A-B 
City-wide Meeting #2: City-wide Meeting #2 Presentation (pdf); Meeting Feedback (pdf); Zoning Map of North Main Corridor (pdf); Explanation of Zoning Definitions
Task Force Meeting-- June 19, 2013: Meeting Agenda (pdf)
Task Force Meeting -- July 17, 2013: Meeting Agenda (pdf)
Task Force Meeting -- August 14, 2013:Meeting Agenda (pdf)

View public feedback submitted via the City's online forum, A2 Open City Hall. Click 'Closed topics' then select 'North Main Corridor Improvements' from the topics listing.​