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Fire Suppression

Ann Arbor Fire Department has 85 highly trained fighters who supply fire protection services to our city and that of our 23 mutual-aid communities. Our highly trained firefighters use state-of-the-art equipment to respond to all fire suppression calls. We are dedicated to saving lives and mitigating damage to building structures, automobiles and property in this highly populated urban community of 28 square miles; home to the University of Michigan. We serve 113,934 residents and a daily population that exceeds 300,000.  We protect 27,754 residential properties, 2,050 commercial and 85 industrial properties.

Medical Response

The Ann Arbor Fire Department provides basic life support (BLS) medical care to victims of life-threatening illnesses or injuries until they can obtain full medical care at a hospital. Our licensed BLS trained EMT/firefighters provide professional emergency services to patients in urgent situations such as cardiac arrest, automobile accidents, choking and drowning. When the injury/illness is life-threatening and full medical care is required, patients are transported to area hospitals by Emergent Health Partners/ Huron Valley Ambulance Service (HVA). 

In 2009 the Ann Arbor Fire Department transitioned from an Ann Arbor Police dispatch to a regional dispatch service. HVA provides all dispatch services and emergency medical transportation to area hospitals for the Ann Arbor Fire Department.   

Technical Rescue 


Ann Arbor Fire Department has merged their technical rescue team (TRT) with the Washtenaw County Technical Rescue Team that is available 24/7 when TRT assistance is needed within the city. Technical rescue refers to those aspects of saving life or property that employ the use of tools and skills that exceed those normally reserved for firefighting, medical emergency, and rescue. These disciplines include rope rescue, swift-water rescue, confined-space rescue, trench/excavation rescue, and building collapse rescue, among others. We respond to all technical rescues in the city with our 16 highly qualified technical rescue team members.



The department's hazardous material (HAZMAT) team has merged with the Washtenaw County HAZMAT team. Ann Arbor Fire Department has 12 specially trained team members who play an integral part in the county HAZMAT Team. We currently respond to all hazardous materials calls within the city, including solids, liquids, or gases that may cause injury, death, or damage if released or triggered. 



In emergency situations, call 9-1-1

Nonemergency line