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​​Traffic calming is a method of slowing traffic through physical treatments to streets originally designed primarily for vehicles. 

Through the City ​​of Ann Arbor Traffic Calming​ Program residents have a formal process for engaging the city in a partnership to perform a technical analysis of t​raffic concerns on local streets and explore options for effective solutions.​

​An update to the Traffic Calm​ing Program was adopted by City Council on November 19, 2018. The updated program became effective immediately upon approval and will be used for all projects moving forward.  ​The City Council-adopted process is described in the City of Ann Arbor Traffic Calming Guidebook (PDF).


 ​Speed Hump on Larchmont Dr.         

Traffic Calming Location Map

The Traffic Calming Google Map provides an ongoing list of traffic calming projects in Ann Arbor, click to learn more:​​

R​equest Traffic Calming

Contact or 734.794.6410 to discuss the petition process and Traffic Calming program qualifications. 

​ Petitions are considered on a first come first served basis. The Traffic Calming process takes approximately one year from petition submittal to construction, unless other projects are queued in advance. 

Public Engagement Process (click to enlarge).


Current Traffic Calming P​roject:

Crest (Liberty to Buena Vista)

 Crest (Washington to Buena Vista)


Traffic Calming P​rojects in Queue:

Fernwood (Lorraine to Packard)

  • A petition for Traffic Calming was received and is currently being reviewed.​

Glenwood (Overridge to Washtenaw)

  • A petition for Traffic Calming was received and is currently being reviewed.

Rosedale (Packard to Redwood)

  • A petition for Traffic Calming was received and is currently being reviewed.


Other resources

​If you are interested in increased speed-enforcement, or other non-engineering approaches to calm traffic complete the Ann Arbor Police Department Traffic Complaint Questionnaire​.

The Institute of Traffic Engineers (ITE) provides additional information about traffic calming devices and best practices. NOTE: Not all options presented by ITE are within the City of Ann​ Arbor Traffic Calming toolbox.

Traffic Calming Program FAQ (PDF)​​

Traffic Calming Project Team
301 E. Huron St., 4th Floor
Ann Arbor, MI
734.794.6410 ​