Granger Ave Parking Pilot Project

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Cynthia Redinger
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Ann Arbor, MI
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Under the previous Traffic Calming Program (1996-2018) Granger Ave (Packard to State St) did not qualify for traffic calming measures because of its designation as an Act 51 major street (Act51map). However, alternatives were explored to address concerns about the flow of traffic on this segment of roadway, leading to the implementation of the parking pilot program. Under the program, the on-street parking between Packard and State St was modified being solely on the north side of Granger to alternating between the north and south sides of the street. Capture2.JPGCapture3.JPG

Edmonton Chicane.jpgThe goal of the parking pilot program was to replicate the effects of a chicane, a traffic calming measure that narrows and curves a road to slow the movement of traffic (right: Chicane in Edmonton, Canada, credit @DaleCalkins).



Present Status

The City of Ann Arbor updated its Traffic Calming Program in 2018 and no longer uses Act 51 road designations to determine project area eligibility. Granger Ave now qualifies under the new program, which uses the National Functiona​l Classification system, and submitted a petition for traffic calming measures in 2019. Granger Ave is scheduled for resurfacing in spring/summer 2020 and will begin its traffic calming progression in late 2021.

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