Winchell/Frieze/Brockman Improvements Project

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​Project updates

​Update (Sept 30): 

  • First Asphalt paving will be Wednesday, Oct 5, 7am to 7pm (pending weather). We ask that you do not drive on the asphalt for 24 hrs.
  • ​Second Asphalt course is scheduled for Oct 11 (pending weather).
  • Contractor will hand out notices to addresses affected 1-2 days before.
  • Sidewalks will be open by the end of next week.
  • Final Restoration and road fully reopened will be approximately Oct.12 or 20. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

​Update (Sept 23): 

All concrete sidewalks,curbs, ADA ramps should be complete by Sept 30.​
HMA prep for the road continues

First Asphalt Paving (leveling course) will be done the first week of October

Afterwards final restoration such as tree installations, landscaping etc. will begin 

Second Asphal Paving and adjustment of drainage structures (2-3rd week of October)

Final Plan Website FC.jpg

Why is this project​ being done?

In addition to the City's water main construction along Frieze Avenue/Winchell Drive, the City will construct sidewalks along these and adjacent streets. Filling gaps in the sidewalk system is consistent with both Ann Arbor's Moving Together Towards Vision Zero transportation plan  and keeping in step with the City's goal of creating safe and walkable communities for all individuals.

The sidewalks will be constructed within the public right-of-way using budgeted funds from the City's new Sidewalk Millage, approved by the citizens of Ann Arbor in November, 2020; this project is at no direct cost to the abutting property owners.

What does this project include?

The work includes water distribution system updates, new sidewalk installation and possible reconfiguration of an existing intersection (Brockman Blvd and Winchell Drive). Please see map that depicts the locations of the proposed improvements.

The city plans to construct sidewalks on:

  • both sides of Frieze Avenue between Brockman Blvd and the St. Francis Parish Property
  • the north side of Winchell Drive from the St. Francis Parish property to Brockman
  • easterly side of Brockman from Winchell Drive to Frieze Avenue.

Possible impacts ​to residents and/or businesses

During the design phase of this project, public input will help the project team understand the concerns and interests of adjacent property owners and the general public.  The sidewalk alignment will be designed to minimize disruption to the surrounding area. In some areas, trees will need to be removed and possible parking will be eliminated. The project team will work with individual property owners to mitigate impacts to the extent possible.

Funding​​​ source

  • City of Ann Arbor New Sidewalk Millage​

Documents and​ resources

May 13, 2021 survey  results (PDF) 

Oct. 29, 2021 survey r​esults​ (PD​F) 

Sept. 29, 2021 public meeting
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​Project manager

Francisca Chan
[email protected]
734.794.6410 ext. 43701