Russell Street Improvement Project

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Update, Sept. 19, 2022:

Construction is planned to commence on Oct. 3​, 2022 and expected to be completed by early December. Construction will begin with the installation of​ storm sewer and fire hydrant relocation.

Resident Notifications are actively being distributed for the beginning of construction, and any other activities that may affect the homes in the area. The on-site inspector or the project manager will be in the area if you have any questions or concerns during the project construction. Thank you for your continued patience.​

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Why is this project being done?​

Russell Street is an unpaved dead-end road with residential properties to the south and the Maple Meadows Ann Arbor Housing Commission (AAHC) property to the north. The Ann Arbor Housing Commission has identified ongoing drainage issues on the Maple Meadows property. In an effort to resolve these issues, the AAHC and the City of Ann Arbor have received federal funding to complete this project.

This project is intended to:

  • Improve ongoing drainage issues at Maple Meadows by reducing the road runoff from Russell Street;
  • Improve vehicular and pedestrian accessibility on Russell Street;
  • Provide additional parking for the residents of Maple Meadows.​

What does this project include?

This project will include a complete reconstruction of Russell Street to replace the existing gravel road with asphalt and concrete curb and gutter. The reconstruction will also include a new sidewalk along one side of the road, and additional parking for residents in the form of either on-street parking or a parking lot. Storm water management improvements in accordance with the City of Ann Arbor Green Street Policy will also be included.

Funding Sources

This project is federally funded through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development's (HUD) Community Development Block Grant Program (CDBG), administered through the Washtenaw County Office for Community and Economic Development (OCED). There will be no direct costs or assessments to residents on Russell Street.

Possible impacts to existing conditions, residents, and property owners

During the design phase of this project, public input will be gathered and used to help the project team understand the desires of adjacent property owners, residents and the general public.  The road, sidewalk, parking and storm water management will be designed to minimize disruption to the surrounding area to the extent possible.

In some areas, trees may need to be removed and grading easements may be requested from affected property owners. The reconstruction of some driveways will be necessary as a part of the project and will be replaced in equal or better condition. Residential driveways and front yards may be shortened within the right-of-way.


The design for this project is expected to be completed in the early Spring 2022 and is scheduled for construction in the Summer/Fall of 2022.

Project material 

Oct. 21, 2021 public meeting

July 14, 2021 public meeting

Project manager:

Chris Wall, PE