Intersection Improvement at Huron and Seventh

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Project limits 

Huron Street at Seventh Street 
S Seventh and W Huron St curb and lanes.jpg

Public meetings 

June 9, 2022 public meeting

Anticipated timeline  

Summer 2022 - 2023  

Why is this project being done? 

The intersection geometry at Huron & Seventh includes offset alignment between the northbound and southbound approaches. Users on Seventh Street making left-turns or crossing Huron may often find it challenging to safely or comfortably navigate the intersection due to the geometry limitation. The City and MDOT (Michigan Department of Transportation) received user input highlighting safety concerns due to crashes and near-miss exposures. The agencies evaluated crash data and multimodal turning volumes and are planning on the installation of safety mitigations to the intersection and the traffic signal. These measures will include items as follows:  

  • Prohibit the left-turn movement from southbound Seventh to eastbound Huron. Observations in peak periods indicate the volume of traffic making the southbound left-turn movement is significantly lower than that of the northbound left-turn movement.  
  • Modify the cross section on southbound Seventh 
    • Existing – one exclusive left-turn lane and one shared thru/right turn lane 
    • Proposed – eliminate the left turn lane; one shared thru/right turn lane and one buffered bike lane which will be better aligned with the receiving lanes south of the intersection. 
  • Traffic signal improvements 
  • Add flashing yellow arrow signal assembly for northbound left-turn
  • Accessible audible pedestrian signals 
These changes will provide an opportunity to address objectives recognized in the city's Comprehensive Transportation Plan (Ann Arbor Moving Together Toward Vision Zero) specifically: 

  1. Huron Street Is identified as a High Priority Corridor 
  2. Seventh Street is identified as a proposed All Ages and Abilities Bike network facility and this design will continue the southbound bike lane​ up to the intersection with Huron Street.

 Public notification  

  • Curb adjustment - Information will be mailed to those properties directly adjacent to curb adjustment or where an existing driveway is impacted. 

  • Accessible pedestrian signal – Information will be mailed to properties within 150 ft of proposed accessible pedestrian signal. 

Costs and schedule 

  • Curb adjustment and bike lane changes will be funded by the City of Ann Arbor's Alternative Transportation Funds. Construction of these items is anticipated in the summer of 2022. 

  •  Traffic signal improvement will be funded by the MDOT and is expected to be constructed in 2023. 


Project contact

Luke Liu 
Transportation Engineer 
[email protected]                
734.794.6430 x 43637