Fuller Court Sidewalk Gap Project

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Starting the week of April 12, 2021, the City of Ann Arbor will begin construction on the Fuller Court Sidewalk Project. The limits of work are:

  • Installation of sidewalk from 2250 Fuller Court to the edge of the University of Michigan property at Fuller Court and Fuller Road​

Work will include:

  • Installing new sidewalk and sidewalk ramps (as required to meet current Americans with Disabilities Act standards) along the southwest side of Fuller Court;
  • Installing a short segment of retaining wall and fence along the backside of the sidewalk at some locations;
  • Upgrading the existing crosswalk at the west end of the sidewalk;
  • Installing a new drive approaches as necessary to maintain proper sidewalk grades;
  • Restoring disturbed areas with topsoil, seed and mulch.


On April 12, 2021, our contractor, Century Cement Company, Inc., and its subcontractors will start construction and expect to complete the work by early June, weather permitting.

Possible Impacts to Residents, Businesses and Property Owners

Driveways will remain accessible during the project except during certain construction activities. Where the contractor needs to remove and replace the concrete curb opening and/or drive approach, driveway access will need to be restricted for 3 to 4 days while the concrete cures. Where properties are accessible from more than one location the contractor will alternate work and completely close one location while keeping the other(s) open until the work at each is complete. If, due to special circumstances, you require uninterrupted access, please contact the City in advance. The contractor is required to provide advance notice of such work.

The sidewalk installation will generally include some excavation in the directly adjacent public right-of-way. The contractor will restore all damaged lawn areas resulting from this work. If you are aware of any underground sprinkler systems, invisible fence, or any other buried feature(s) near the street, please contact us. Although privately owned features should not be buried in the public right-of-way (generally the area directly behind the curb), the contractor will proceed with caution during excavation if brought to our attention in advance. Unfortunately, if such privately owned features are damaged, it will be the property owner's responsibility to make repairs. ​

Unfortunately, the construction will generate some dust, noise, and other inconveniences. We will do what we can to minimize these. The City and contractor will work together to maintain refuse/recycling/compost collection, utility services, and mail delivery throughout the project duration.

Project Update

Following City Council approval of Special Assessment District 57 (Fuller Court) on May 4, 2020, the City worked toward securing funding from the Federal Surface Transportation Program and moving the Fuller Court sidewalk gap toward construction.

The sidewalk gap project originally extended along the Fuller Court frontage of University of Michigan's Mitchell Field property, and the funding package presumed that the University would pay for the portion of the sidewalk adjacent to their property. However, the University ultimately chose not to participate in the project due to COVID-related budgetary issues. Therefore, the portion of the sidewalk at the corner of Fuller Court and Fuller Road has been removed from the project. This portion of the project remains in the City's Capital Improvements Plan as the future responsibility of the University.

The remaining portion of the project has been approved through MDOT (Michigan Department of Transportation) and Council approved the City-State agreement on September 21, 2020 to receive $147,019 in federal funds. Construction is scheduled to begin the week of April 12th, 2021 and be completed in June 2021.

Why is this project being done?

Filling gaps in the sidewalk system is consistent with the City's Non-Motorized Transportation Plan and Complete Streets Policy. Providing sidewalks where they currently do not exist can:

  • improve pedestrian safety​
  • encourage active transportation and community health
  • provide a continuous user experience
  • provide more transportation options
  • eliminate the practice of walking along the road and across traffic

What does this project include?

New sidewalk installation is proposed along the southwesterly side of Fuller Court from Fuller Road to just northwest of the VA Medical Center entrance drive. At the southeastern end of the project, a crosswalk across Fuller Court will connect the new walk into the existing path on the northeastern side of the road.

Funding sources

  • Surface Transportation Program-Urban (STP-U) Funding (Federal funds)
  • City Street, Bridge and Sidewalk Millage; partially reimbursed by Special Assessments
  • City General Fund; reimbursed by Special Assessments


May 4, 2020 City Council meeting

Feb. 5, 2020 Public Hearing

Dec. 11, 2019 Public Meeting 

Contact Information
Chris Wall, PE, Project Manager
734.794.6410, ext. 43661