Nixon/Green/Dhu Varren Roundabout and Nixon Corridor Study

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Nixon Corridor Improvement Project

For the current Nixon Corridor Improvement Project please visit the project​ page​

Project updates

September 1, 2017

Final paving is being preformed on Friday, September 1, 2017, after which the intersection will be opened to traffic. Due to rain earlier in the week, some sidewalk remains to be completed. This will be done next week under flag control. In addition, landscaping, final pavement markings, and rumble strips also still need to be installed. However, the intersection will be open to traffic during this work. The sidewalk on the southwest corner will be completed later this year when ITC installs the DTE electrical conduit through the intersection. 

Corridor study

The Corridor Study has been completed and is available on the project website.  The concerns along the corridor have been heard and documented throughout the study process, with the key focal points being safety, non-motorized facilities and user delays.  Three options were studied and analyzed 1) minor improvements throughout the corridor, 2) a continuous 3-lane cross section and 3) a roundabout corridor.  While each option provided solutions to some of the concerns, only one option, the roundabout corridor hit on all of the major concerns.  This option would add five additional roundabouts to the corridor while improving non-motorized facilities, safety, and operations.  The corridor improvements will be added to the City's Capital Improvement Plan.

Roundabout design

The Roundabout Design for the Nixon / Dhu Varren / Green intersection was completed in March 2017.  The project was advertised in May 2017 with Fonson Company, Inc. awarded the contract for construction.  Construction begins June 19 with the intersection being closed to vehicular traffic.  The majority of construction is scheduled to be completed by September 1, 2017, when the roundabout is scheduled to open to traffic.


With the intersection closed to vehicular traffic for the summer, a detour (PDF) will be in place. Traffic will be rerouted around the intersection, with the posted detour route on Pontiac Trail, Barton Drive and Plymouth Road.  The detour plan is posted on the project website.

Intersection Study​

An Intersection Improvement Study (PDF) was conducted in 2015 by OPUS International Consultants, Inc. that identified expected operational problems at the Nixon/Green/Dhu Varren intersection and possible improvements to address them. Based on the result of this study, which included a public input component, the City has determined that the optimal long term solution to this intersection would be to install a roundabout​ to improve th​e traffic operations, pedestrian and bicycle access, and other factors affecting this area. The OPUS final report and Staff Memorandum (PDF) go into more detail regarding the recommendation. 

On November 6, 2015, a request ​for proposal (RFP No. 955 PDF)) was issued, which included the engineering design of a roundabout at the Nixon/Green/Dhu Varren intersection, as well as the Nixon Road Corridor Traffic Study. On March 21, 2016 City Council approved Professional Services Agreements with Orchard, Hiltz & McCliment, Inc. (OHM).

Project materials


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