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Project Limits

The project affects Brooks Street, between Miller and Sunset, and Mixtwood Road between Brooks and Red Oak. ​​

Project Manager
Jane Allen
[email protected]
734.794.6410 x43678

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June-November 2023

Approximate Schedule (to be updated every 1st of the month)

Construction Activity Date (Duration)
Mobilization/Traffic ControlsMay 30 - June 2 (1 week)
WatermainJune 5 - September 15 (15 weeks)
Storm SewerSeptember 18- October 14 (4 weeks )
Sanitary SewerOctober 23 -  October 26 (0.5 week)
ConcreteOctober 9 – November 11 (4 week)
Bioretention BasinOctober 31 – November 10 (1.5 week)
Milling and GradingNovember 1 -November 6 (1 week)
Road PavingNovember 7- November 14  (1 week)
RestorationNovember 13 – November 22 (1.5 weeks)

​Why is this project being done?

This project is a Capital Improvements Plan project to accomplish the following:

  • Improve water system infrastructure - Replace aging 6" water main with new 8" water main and replace galvanized or lead service lines where encountered;
  • Implement A2 Vision Zero Transportation Plan key mobility strategies - Fill sidewalk gaps on the east and west side of Brooks, enhance safety and visibility at uncontrolled crosswalks (eg. Pearl, Mixtwood)
  • Reconfigure Sunset/Brooks/Vesper intersection for increased traffic safety and reduction of pavement.
  • Resurface the pavement, thereby extending the life of the road;
  • Install stormwater storage in the Allen Creek watershed to reduce surface flooding during larger storms.

Work to be done

  • Water main replacement on Brooks, between Sunset and Mixtwood; and on Mixtwood, between Brooks and Red Oak.
  • New sidewalk along both sides of Brooks to connect to Sunset.
  • Intermittent road narrowing to accommodate sidewalk locations along east side.
  • Reconfiguration of the Sunset/Brooks/Vesper intersection with the addition of a bioretention basin, or stormwater infiltration rain garden.​​
  • Addition of a mini roundabout at Mixtwood and Red Oak.
  • Underground stormwater storage on Brooks, north and south of Bydding. 
  • Street resurfacing, and crosswalk and bus stop enhancements throughout.​

Possible impact to residents and businesses

  • Closures to thru traffic, however roads in the construction area are kept open to local traffic.
  • Driveway access will be maintained with limited interruptions upon notification.
  • Water service will be interrupted for short durations upon notification.
  • Dust, noise, and inconvenience will be prevalent due to the nature of the planned construction.

Cost & Funding Source

Total project costs are estimated to be $3.5 Million with an estimated spending split of 40% Water Supply System funding, 15% County Millage funding for New Sidewalk, 30% Street, Bridge, and Sidewalk funding, and 15% Stormwater System funding.  Funding for the project is included in the approved capital budgets. 

Documents & Materials

September 22, 2022 Virtual Information Session

Project Materials