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​The 2017 Ann_Arbor_Hazard_Mitigation_Plan (PDF) was approved by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) in November 2017. Hazard mitigation means reducing the impact of hazards on people and property. A hazard mitigation plan identifies current and projected natural, man-made and technological hazard risks that may impact Ann Arbor and works to develop a strategy to reduce these risks. The completed 2017 plan, enables the city to not only increase its resilience to hazards, but maintain its eligibility for state and federal hazard mitigation funding. The plan update is required every five years. 

The city's Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) meets twice a year to update the mitigation strategy action items within the plan. Since the plan approval, 37 action items have shown progress or revision, and two items have been completed. Regular maintenance of the plan assures continuity across all city mitigation activities and supports the FEMA required 2022 plan update.

Plan Feedback

In addition to regular TAC review, the city also seeks public feedback regarding specific mitigation strategy actions (beginning on page ​246) in the 2017 Ann_Arbor_Hazard_Mitigation_Plan​​. Any feedback or comments will be considered for the city's 2022 plan update.

Please contact Director of Emergency Management Rick Norman with comments or questions via email: rnorman@a2gov.org
 or call 734.794.6980.  

2022 Plan Update

In 2021, the activities will begin regarding the 2022 Hazard Mitigation Plan Update, which is required by FEMA to be updated every five years. 

​Rick Norman
Director of Emergency Management