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A2 City ​N​ew​s​, August 2022​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ (PDF), Volume 16, Number 8 (ori​ginally distributed Aug. 1, 2022, via email to "re​​sident new​sletter: A2 City News" subscribers​​)​

AAPD introduces interim chief

The city is pleased to announce Ann Arbor Deputy Police Chief Aimee Metzer is now the interim chief of police following former chief Michael Cox's return to his hometown to serve as Boston police commissioner. Metzer has been a member of the Ann Arbor Police Department since 1999, and has extensive patrol, detective and management experience.

The city has launched a nationwide search to identify top candidates for the permanent chief of police position.

Please join the city in extending gratitude to Interim Chief Metzer as she assumes this role.

Aug. 2 Primary Election notes

Tuesday, Aug. 2, polls will be open in all wards in Ann Arbor 7 a.m.–8 p.m. for the Primary Election. Find ballot language and candidate information — and complete elections details including in-person voting, absentee voting, voter registration and more — at

Recent statewide redistricting, a result of the 2020 Census, has brought about changes for some voters, including where they will go to vote. As a reminder:

  • All Ann Arbor voters are now in U.S. Congressional District 6, and new State House and Senate districts have also been assigned to Ann Arbor. Some residents will also be assigned to a new County Commissioner District.

  • The precincts have been renumbered, and they are now in consistent chronological order (1–53). So, while you may still be assigned the same precinct and polling location, the number may be slightly different. This new naming convention is a best practice and replaces the previous system of numbering each ward separately. For example, Ward 2, Precinct 1 … is now Ward 2, Precinct 13, following the first 12 precincts in Ward 1.

What does all of this mean to you as a voter? Most voters, but not all, will still vote at the same polling location, and this is indicated on your new voter ID card that was mailed earlier this summer. For voters who have been reassigned to a new ward and/or precinct location, the card will clearly indicate this change. In addition, and separate from the redistricting changes, some voters have a temporary polling place for the August Primary only due to Ann Arbor Public Schools building construction. Affected voters have already received a bright orange card in the mail from the city clerk with the temporary polling location details for this election. Please note this additional update/correction: Precinct 3–23, formerly Precinct 3–2, remains assigned to the Michigan League at 911 N. University.

For a summary of information to know for the Aug. 2 Primary Election, visit

If you have questions, contact the city clerk's office at 734.794.6140 or [email protected].

To confirm your voter registration and polling place information, go to

For complete elections information for the city of Ann Arbor, including ballot language and candidate information, in-person voting, absentee voting, voter registration and more, visit

Ann Ar​​bor awarded MI Clean Water Grant

Ann Arbor is among four communities in the state to be awarded Drinking Water Infrastructure Grants from the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE). The city is receiving $1.38 million for projects to facilitate overall drinking water system upgrades.

Funds will go to support improvements to the city's raw water pump station, which was constructed in 1949, and to replace aging infrastructure. Ann Arbor currently serves 125,000 customers.

Learn more about this initiative of the MI Clean Water Plan at

Quality Water Matters

The July/August issue of Quality Water Matters features information about the EPA's new health advisory levels for four PFAS compounds. The Ann Arbor water treatment plant manager explains new advisory guidelines and details how the city's drinking water continues to be safe to drink. The issue is available online at (PDF).​

Join the conversation to enhance downto​wn A2

An effort is underway to enhance the downtown experience for residents and commuters, and to make the city a travel destination. Ann Arbor City Administrator Milton Dohoney Jr. is inviting input and ideas for city improvements from businesses, residents, commuters and visitors. With the road bonds now authorized to fund and address much-needed repairs, the timing is right to make other improvements to the downtown as well.

What are your thoughts? Dohoney has been hearing the need for public restrooms, graffiti removal, clean-up days, bulk waste collection and street cleaning. Ideas may also have citywide implications rather than being limited to downtown. This public engagement initiative is vital to create a better downtown and to help the city's team prepare for next fiscal year's budget proposal.

An online meeting took place July 26, and two more meetings are planned in August. Please attend a meeting to join the conversation:

  • Monday, Aug. 8, at 3:30 p.m. — in-person at Larcom City Hall. Preregistration is NOT required.

  • Tuesday, Aug. 9, at 6 p.m. — *online.

*Please preregister for the online meeting (only) at

Unable to attend a meeting? Please participate by completing a brief survey available for a limited time at

Outcomes from this initiative will be shared in a report and recommendations. Questions regarding the listening sessions can be directed to Kelly Reynolds in the city administrator's office at [email protected].

Fall re​​gistration begins in August

Learn a skill. Make a friend. Explore your potential! Ann Arbor Parks & Recreation registration for fall programs begins Monday, Aug. 22, at 10 a.m. Sign up (at for canoe and kayak lessons, fall golf tournaments, indoor swim lessons, volunteer opportunities, learn-to-skate/hockey programming, educational events hosted at the Ann Arbor Senior Center and more. There's something for everyone!

The fall/winter activity guide will be available at descriptions, locations and fees. What will you try this fall?

If you have questions, contact Ann Arbor Parks & Recreation customer service at 734.794.6230 or a specific facility in the parks system. To find a complete list, visit

Sustain​​ability corner

Catch up on the latest from the Ann Arbor Office of Sustainability and Innovations (OSI). For more information, including registration links, visit https://www.a2gov​.org/departments/sustainability/Newsletter-Events/Pages/default.aspx​

Solarize: Thinking about installing solar at your home? Summer is the perfect season to research and make informed decisions. OSI's Solarize program is a great resource to help navigate the terrain. For details, visit To learn more, to sign up for a Solarize event or to be added to the Solarize mailing list, contact Julie Roth, the Ann Arbor Solarize program coordinator, at [email protected].

Resident Race to Zero Energy Challenge: The Resident Race to Zero Energy Challenge is a home energy competition run in partnership with the GreenHome Institute. Over multiple months, participants will reduce their water and electric bills through a variety of efficiency improvements — and the household with the largest reduction in energy usage will win $500. Other prizes will also be available, based on improvements in Home Energy Score, decreases in water usage and more. For more information, visit

Sustaining Ann Arbor Together Grant Program: The City of Ann Arbor administers a grant program for residents to advance community-wide sustainability, known as the Sustaining Ann Arbor Together (SA2T) grant program. SA2T is currently accepting applications for this year's grant program. Successful applicants can receive up to $10,000 to advance social or environmental sustainability in the community. During summer 2022, seven community-based organizations were awarded SA2T grants. Learn about these organizations at Details about the SA2T grant program, and how to apply, is available at

Upcom​​​ing events

Bandemer Park Workdays, third Tuesdays, 8:30-10 a.m.: OSI has adopted Bandemer Park and holds a monthly workday there with GIVE365 (on the third Tuesday of each month, except December–February). If you are interested in volunteering to help maintain Bandemer Park with OSI (by picking up trash, removing invasive species, clearing brush from trails, etc.), please email Melissa at [email protected].

Ann Arbor Solar Stories, first Thursday of each month, online, 7-8 p.m.: Hosted by the GLREA, hear from Ann Arborites who have gone solar, and have a chance to ask them all your questions! Register for "Thursday Night Energy Events" to receive meeting links at

Ann​ Arbor awarded historic preservation state grant

The City of Ann Arbor has been awarded a $45,000 grant from the State of Michigan to update the Old Fourth Ward Historic District survey. The original survey, completed in 1982, is in need of information that would be standard in a modern survey, such as updated documentation and analysis of the more than 300 properties in the district. Updates will better enable the city and historic district commission to oversee its responsibilities related to the district and will also assist property owners in understanding how they may qualify for historic preservation incentives, including the recently released state historic tax credit. Learn more at

Recycling cart review and tagging prog​​ram continues

Since July 2022, the City of Ann Arbor has been participating in a program to improve the residential recycling stream, lower contamination and provide updated recycling information to residents. The project is being completed with the assistance of The Recycling Partnership and, through its membership in the Washtenaw Regional Resource Management Authority (WRRMA), the city will launch the “Feet on the Street" cart-tagging recycling initiative — a community-wide effort to improve the quality of recycling in single-stream curbside recycling bins by providing residents personalized and real-time curbside recycling education and feedback. The partnership has successfully implemented the “Feet on the Street" program in over 70 communities around the nation, with some communities seeing as much as a 57% decrease of nonrecyclables in recycling and average a 27% increase in the overall capture of quality recyclables.

Postcards of recycling information were mailed to residents in single-family homes in late June indicating what to recycle and what not to recycle in the curbside recycling cart. Residents are asked to replace all old recycling information, including old refrigerator magnets, with the updated post card.

Through ​Aug. 12 (updated from original end day of Aug. 5), cart-tagging staff wearing high-visibility vests are looking at each cart while it's at the curb prior to it being emptied by the recycling truck. They will quickly lift the lid, look inside the cart and then use their findings to provide individualized feedback as needed. If the cart-tagger sees something in the recycling cart that does not belong there, an orange “oops" tag will be placed on the cart with clear feedback on how to fix it. If material that is not recyclable in your curbside cart is found in the cart on the future visit, the recycling cart will be tagged with a red tag and will not be serviced until the contamination is removed. After the cart-tagging ends, another postcard will be sent to all residents in single-family homes with educational information about the items that were most prevalent and problematic. Watch this Ann Arbor Recycle Tagging Program PSA to learn more: For complete information, visit

Good new​​s!

Celebrate Ann Arbor's Gold Bicycle desig​​nation

To celebrate Ann Arbor's recent Gold Bicycle Designation by the League of American Bicyclists, take a ride and learn about many of the improvements that have been made. The ride will start at Argo Park pavilion at 6 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 18, 2022.

  • Don't forget a helmet.

  • Speakers at each stop.

  • All riders welcome.

  • Outdoor games, snacks, water at finish.

Contact: Suzann Flowers, City of Ann Arbor transportation program manager [email protected] | 734.794.6410, ext. 43715.

CTN highlights​

Check out CTN's wide range of programs available to watch online now!

  • Adventures in Parenthood — Christiana Allen-Pipkin with Girls Group shares how this rewarding organization helps future generations succeed by focusing on education, community service and camaraderie:

  • CTN at the Art Fair #1 Thursday, July 21:

  • CTN at the Art Fair #2 Thursday, July 21 and Friday, July 22:

  • CTN at the Art Fair #3 Friday, July 22:

  • CTN Promo — Updated recycle cart stickers:

  • FYI — Guest Ben Colman and Jeff DeBoer with the Rolling Sculpture Car Show provide details on the 2022 show; after a two-year hiatus, Washtenaw County 4H Youth Show; Saving the Monarchs; and an update on A2's composting program:

  • FYI — Aubrey Martinson with CultureVerse shares how this local non-profit is changing the arts experience by bridging the gap between creator and community; Ann Arbor updates recycle stickers on curbside carts; and Thunder Over Michigan:

  • FYI — Sandra Andrade with the Main Street Area Association and Matthew Altruda with Tree Town Sound share reasons to take advantage of the downtown Thursdays-Sundays during A2 Summer Streets; pickleball; and safe ways to celebrate America's independence. (Please note, as a correction, it is legal to discharge fireworks in the city June 29–July 4 until 11:45 p.m.):

  • FYI — Executive directors, Angela Kline, Frances Todoro and Karen Delhey, give us all the details on the 2022 Ann Arbor Art Fair:

  • Senior Moments — Ann Arbor musician/multi-instrumentalist Betsy Beckerman talks about her music and demonstrates instruments such as hammer dulcimer, mountain dulcimer, banjo, ukulele, concertina and more:

  • Senior Moments — Terry Bertram, estate planning attorney, discusses estate planning and elder law:

  • Ward Talk — With Ann Arbor Councilmember Erica Briggs from Ward 5:

Election Day resour​​​ces

Provide​​ a safe passage for birds

From the middle of March through the end of May, and again mid-August through the end of October, migrating birds fly over Ann Arbor during spring and fall migrations. On clear nights, birds navigate by the stars; but at dawn or on cloudy and foggy nights, they attempt to navigate using the lights of tall buildings, putting them at risk of hitting these lit windows. They either crash going full speed, or they endlessly circle the building until they drop to the ground, exhausted and vulnerable to predators and other dangers.

Ann Arbor joins other cities in helping migrating birds have a safe passage. Occupants of buildings on floors five and above are asked to help prevent these needless deaths by pulling the drapes or closing the shades on windows in lit rooms between 11 p.m. and dawn.

Find more information at​

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Special ​​​Accommodati​​​​ons

If you know a city resident who requires this newsletter in an alternative format, please email the city communications office or call 734.794.6110, extension 41105.

All persons are encouraged to participate in public meetings. Accommodations, including sign language interpreters, may be arranged by contacting the City Clerk's office at 734.794.6140; via email to: [email protected]; or by written request addressed and mailed or delivered to: City Clerk's Office  |  301 E. Huron St.  |  Ann Arbor, MI 48104 

Requests made with less than two business days notice may not be able to be accommodated.

City ​​​Missi​​on ​​

The city's ​mi​​ssion is to deliver exceptional services that sustain and enhance a vibrant, safe and diverse community.​​ 

​Ann Arbor has 119,000 residents, spans 28.82 square miles and is frequently recognized as a foremost place to live, learn, work, thrive and visit. To keep up with City of Ann Arbor information, subscribe for email updates, follow us on Twitter or become a city fan on Facebook

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