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Resident Notification Requirements

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The City is happy to have you filming in Ann Arbor and we want our residents to feel the same way. Successful filming conducted in Ann Arbor has resulted from residents feeling like they were given adequate notice and information about filming schedules and neighborhood disruptions. Please follow the procedures outlined below when notifying residents and businesses in the area of filming activity.

  1. Production companies shall make every effort to notify all adjacent properties of relevant film activities five (5) days prior to filming. 
  2. Distribute notification in an area not less than one block in all directions from the area where you will be filming. 
  3. Please provide the City of Ann Arbor Communications Office with a copy of the notification 24 hours in advance of distributing by e-mailing [email protected].
  4. Failure to properly notify residents or to make reasonable accommodations to mitigate your impact on a neighborhood or business district may result in cancellation of your permit.
  5. The City of Ann Arbor is not responsible for any fees associated with the notification process (including, but not limited to, printing, postage, labor distribution costs, etc.)