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​Items for which you may need a permit:

  • A tripod or dolly is used on sidewalks or streets.

  • A generator is used on a sidewalk or street.

  • Activities outside of noise ordinance.  

  • Access to city water is needed. 

  • Filming takes place on city-owned property, such as rights of way, parks, etc. 

  • If traffic will be interrupted on City streets for more than 15 minutes. 

  • On-street public parking will be impacted.

  • Pedestrian traffic on sidewalks will be interrupted.

  • Special effects usage.

  • Street or lane closures.

  • Tent usage.

  • Wires or cables run across or over sidewalks or streets.

Permits and applications

Tent permit 

Tents in excess of 400 square feet require permits): Documentation of flame retardancy, regardless of size, is required. *Fee: $25. Contact: customer service center 734.794.6320 /[email protected].​ Average processing time is minimum seven days advance notice.

Fire hydran​t​ connec​tion to city water 

City Public Works unit to determine labor costs. Contact the city's customer service department for assistance, 734.794.6000. Average processing time is to be determined upon receipt of app​lication (PDF).

Lane closure permit

*Standard lane-closure review is $30 total. *Extensive lane closures are billed at $100 per hour. Contact: Brian Nollar, City of Ann Arbor, Engineering Unit, 734.323.6939, e-mail: [email protected] ​Average time is minimum 48 hours for review and processing.

Temporary exemption from maximum permissible sound levels permit 

Required if activities before 7 a.m. or after 10 p.m. If permit is issued, then no extended business hours permit is necessary. *Fee: $8. Contact: City clerk's office, 734.794.6140. Average processing time is five days, required for review and processing.

Park rental

Fees dependent upon requested location. See park rental page. Contact parks and recreation customer service at 734.794.6230. A minimum of seven days advance notice is required. A film location agreement is also required.

Sign removal and replacement requests

*Fee is dependent on city field operation labor costs. Contact: Chuck Fojtik, 734.794.6350, ext. 43332. Minimum of 48 hours is required for review and processing.

Street Barricade Permit Application

*View the fee schedule (PDF). Contact: customer service center 734.794.6320 /
[email protected]. A minimum of 48 hours is required for review and processing.

Sidewalk Occupa​ncy Permit (PDF)

*Fee: Daily Permit: $0.05 per square foot of sidewalk space is charged. Contact: customer service center 734.794.6320 /[email protected]. A minimum of 48 hours is required for review and processing.

Special events permit

*Fee: $34. Contact: Debra Williams, 734.794.6000 ext. 42198. Sixty days advance notice is required.  


 *All fees have been approved by the Ann Arbor City Council.