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Community Resources Page

Thank you for partnering with the City of Ann Arbor to promote a safer community for us all. Resources follow for your use. If you have any questions or additional resource needs, please contact the city's communications department via the contact on the right.  

The city's safety focus includes: identifying and removing hazards/risk, strengthening internal safety practices, procedures and policies among city employees, contractors and vendors; and practices and procedures for the safety of external audiences, including residents, students and commuters.

Wanted: Your A2 Be Safe safety theme ideas and/or slogans (now through Dec. 14, 2017)! 

Your creativity can send a message (literally) to your fellow residents/ students/ visitors/ commuters reminding all to be extra diligent when it comes to safety.

Last spring, the City of Ann Arbor launched the A2 Be Safe awareness campaign. You may have noticed the A2 Be Safe campaign posters at City Hall, PSAs on CTN, social media posts, bus tails, etc. 

The campaign consists of a series of themes — crosswalk safety, stop for school buses, don’t text and drive, etc. — to promote safety among all who live, work, study and play in Ann Arbor. The accompanying campaign slogans, including “phone down. heads up” and “look. cross. live.,” are meant to raise awareness of safety issues common in our community. The campaign, overall, is intended to have some “edge,” to provoke thought and to be memorable.  

Perhaps you have been inspired to come up with some messages of your own? Well, now is your chance to share your ideas. The city is in search of your original safety themes and/or slogans that are uniquely Ann Arbor or that would appeal, particularly, to our community as a whole. If your ideas address a safety-related issue, the city wants to hear about it! 

Now through Thursday, Dec. 14, 2017email your safety theme ideas and/or slogans to the city, and yours could be selected as additions to the A2 Be Safe campaign in 2018!

In your email, please include: 

  • Your first and last name.
  • Your daytime phone number.
  • Your city of residence.
  • The intended audience, if there is one in particular, e.g., commuters, bicyclists, students, etc.
  • Your new safety theme, if you have one.
  • Your new safety slogan, if you have one.
  • A description of imagery that would accompany your theme and/or slogan, if you have anything particular in mind, no attachments, please. 

Please submit only text — no images, graphics or visual concepts. By submitting your idea(s), you are giving the City of Ann Arbor and those who collaborate with the city unrestricted permission to use your submission(s) in any form, format or way the city sees fit, either in its original entirety or any portion of the submission, and with or without attribution. However, the city will strive to recognize, in some form, those who submitted a slogan or theme that has been selected for use.

You could see your creativity come to fruition … and contribute to the effort of helping A2 Be Safe. For more information, and to see the current campaign themes and slogans, visit the A2 Be Safe community resources site.

A2 Be Safe Key Messages

  1. [Partnering Organization] joins in the commitment to maintaining a safe community for all to enjoy.
  2. [Partnering Organization] supports the effort to make safety a priority in every aspect of our conduct, our services and our operations.
  3. Safety is a responsibility shared among us all.
  4. Be safe. Everyone, everywhere, every day.

A2 Be Safe Brochure

A2 Be Safe Walk Bike Drive Safety Brochure (PDF) 

A2 Be Safe Logos



A2 Be Safe Posters



A2 Be Safe Social Media Messages

 Don't Walk Means Don't Walk.



Do you stop at the crosswalk when you see this? If so, high five! Thx for doing your part to help yourself & A2 Be Safe. Everywhere+Everyone+Every Day. #a2besafe


Crosswalk: Stop 4 the hand? High 5! Thx for helping #A2BeSafe Everywhere+Everyone+EveryDay

 This Doesn't Mean Kinda Stop.



On wheels & on foot, don't just slow your roll ... Stop when you pull up to this sign — every time. Thx for doing your part to help yourself & A2 Be Safe. Everywhere+Everyone+Every Day. #a2besafe


Whether on wheels or on foot stop -completely- at stop signs. Thx for helping #A2BeSafe Everywhere+Everyone+EveryDay

 Stand Out and Stay Alive.



You're only bright if you glow in the night. Reflectors, lights, colorful clothing are a must — all the time. Do what it takes to be easily seen. Thx for doing your part to help yourself & A2 Be Safe. Everywhere+Everyone+Every Day. #a2besafe


Reflectors+lights+colorful clothes = be seen day & night. Thx for helping #A2BeSafe Everywhere+Everyone+EveryDay

 Look. Cross. Live.



Stay in the lines when crossing the street. Thx for doing your part to help yourself & A2 Be Safe. Everywhere+Everyone+Every Day. #a2besafe


Stay between the lines when crossing streets. Thx for helping #A2BeSafe Everywhere+Everyone+EveryDay

Bus? Then Stop.



School bus + blinking lights + stop sign = stay back. It's an easy equation to remember. Thx for doing your part to help yourself & A2 Be Safe. Everywhere+Everyone+Every Day. #a2besafe


Blinking lights+stopsign=stay back. It's an easy equation. Thx for helping #A2BeSafe Everywhere+Everyone+EveryDay

 Phone Down. Heads Up.



Hey! You! Accidents happen in the blink of an eye. Look up. Thx for doing your part to help yourself & A2 Be Safe. Everywhere+Everyone+Every Day. #a2besafe


Accidents happen in the blink of an eye. Stay focused. Thx for helping #A2BeSafe Everywhere+Everyone+EveryDay

A2 Be Safe Public Service Announcement

A2BeSafe Promo, Produced by CTN (YouTube)

A2 Be Safe Presentation

An A2 Be Safe overview was presented to the city's Transportation Commission in August. Download the presentation or watch it online via CTN's video on demand

A2 Be Safe Newsletter Article

A2 Be Safe

Have you noticed an even greater emphasis on safety across the city? Are you seeing some subtle and not-so-subtle reminders about safety springing up (e.g., at Larcom City Hall, online, on busses, etc.)? A new awareness campaign, A2 Be Safe, has been launched to help ensure safety remains a priority in every aspect of city services and city operations, as well as for residents, students, commuters and all who visit Ann Arbor. Visit to learn more.

Thanks to everyone in the community for working together to help A2 Be Safe.

​City Communications Director
Lisa Wondrash

City Safety Manager
Doug Forsyth
734.794.6000, ext. 43115

HOW can A2 Be Safe? Learn tips, facts, ordinances and more