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General Rules

  1. Workers and all persons, whether employees or visitors, are expected to act with such decorum and respect as the occasion and premises demand.

  2. During the progress of burial services, all work in the immediate vicinity shall cease and quiet shall prevail

  3. No person shall injure or destroy trees, shrubs, or plants. Writing on or defacing monuments and structures is prohibited and punishable by law.

  4. The throwing of waste and litter is prohibited. Receptacles are provided for the deposit of weeds, decayed flowers and plants.

  5. No person shall drive any motor vehicle upon the grass, or park it at any other place except upon established roadways, unless authorized to do so by an employee of the City.

  6. Hunting or discharging firearms, including air rifles, except in observance of funeral rites is prohibited.

  7. Erecting booths or stalls, selling, peddling, soliciting, or advertising, and the distribution or placing of any advertisement is prohibited.

  8. All vehicles, their drivers and passengers, and all other persons, while within the grounds, shall be subject to the direction of the cemetery management.

  9. Speed limit on all cemetery roads is 15 MPH.

  10. All pets must be on a leash and under control of the owner. Pet owners are required to curb their pet and dispose of waste in the waste receptacles.

  11. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed in the cemetery.

  12. The City will not be responsible for the loss or damage of any article or object left in any part of either cemetery.

Cemetery Cleanup

  1. Spring cleanup by cemetery patrons is scheduled for April 1 - April 15. Cemetery staff will remove any remaining decorations after April 15. New decorations may be placed after May 1.

  2. Fall cleanup by cemetery patrons is scheduled for October 1 - October 15. Cemetery staff will remove any remaining decorations after October 15. New decorations may be placed after November 1.

Decorating Gravesites

  1. The planting of annual and perennial flowers are permitted at the base of the grave marker only. Plants that reach 6-8 inches in height are recommended. Prohibited plants included trees of any kind, shrubs, rose bushes, Irises, Lilies of the Valley, and perennials that require exceptional care.

  2. No digging or fertilization of the grave spaces.

  3. The following decorations are not permitted: plastic or wood border edging, fencing, benches, rocks, gravel and mulch. Toys, mementos, figurines, and lighting are permitted if they are within a brick border no more than 12" from the marker's foundation.

  4. All shepherds' hooks must be placed as close as possible to the left or right side of the marker. The basket must hang over the marker.

  5. No standing easels, except for holiday wreaths, are allowed.

  6. No decorations can infringe upon the adjacent grave space(s).

  7. Urns and vases must be placed next to either side of the cemetery marker and within the protected marker row.

  8. Artificial flowers should be in good taste and of a construction that will not deteriorate in the elements.

  9. No artificial flower decorations can be anchored to the ground.

  10. Fresh cut flowers should be removed by lot owners when they wilt and become unsightly. All funeral flowers left at the grave will be removed by cemetery staff after they deteriorate.

  11. Fresh flower arrangements and artificial flowers must be put in durable containers. Glass, china, and all fragile vases are not permitted.

  12. Styrofoam constructed decorations and vases are prohibited.

  13. All urns and vases must be kept in good condition. Iron vases must be properly painted. Broken or unpainted vases will be removed by the City.

  14. Vases or urns that are not planted for three consecutive years will be removed and disposed of by the City.

  15. The City is not responsible for the damage or theft of anything placed on the gravesite.

  16. Waste receptacles are provided for the deposition of waste, litter, weeds, decayed flowers, and plants.

  17. All unauthorized decorations will be removed and discarded without notice. The City is not responsible for these items.

  18. The City has the right to remove or trim any tree or shrub situated on any lot that becomes, by means of its roots, branches, condition or in any other respect, detrimental to the adjacent lots, roads, or general appearance of the grounds. Trees or shrubs may also be removed or trimmed which restrict access to gravesites for burial purposes. The City shall not be held accountable for removal or trimming.

  19. The City has the right to remove any plants planted in the ground or landscape decorations that do not conform to the cemetery rules and regulations.

  20. The City is not responsible for reimbursement for any plants or decorations removed by cemetery staff or damage by the maintenance crews.