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"I Voted" Sticker Design Contest

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The Next​ "I Voted" Sticker Design!

The City Clerk's Office, with support from the Ann Arbor Public Art Commission, sought out local artists, including students, to design the City's 2020 "I Voted" stickers and a team of judges narrowed the choices down to a group of exceptional finalists. Public voting is now complete and winners were announced at the June 15 City Council meeting!​

Winning Designs

​Sylvia DeBord

Bach Elementary

Grades K - 6 Division Winner

​Marcela Passos

Pioneer High School

Grades 7 - 12 Division Winner

Eric Oppitz

Ward 5

​​Citywide Division Winner


The City is currently preparing for the 2020 Presidential Election and that includes planning for voter turnout and the popular "I Voted" stickers. The City Clerk’s Office is eager to include a locally designed custom “I Voted” sticker to get voters excited about the upcoming election season.
“I Voted” stickers are a badge of honor proudly worn by voters to both declare they exercised their voting rights and to influence others to do the same. To increase a sense of community among local voters and make voting more fun, the City Clerk’s Office is hosting an “I Voted” sticker design contest for new stickers to be distributed at the polls with the 2020 Presidential Election next November. This bit of art, combined with other efforts such as the statewide encouragement for voters sharing selfies outside of their polling places, will serve to help get out the vote and encourage new voters to share their civic pride.

Thank you judges

•Christopher Taylor, Mayor•Jan Davies McDermott, Ann Arbor Citizens Academy
•Jonah Copi, Ann Arbor Public Art Commission•Dirk Mayhew, Ann Arbor Citizens Academy
•Jennifer Sheppard, Ann Arbor Public Schools•Kelly Speth, Ann Arbor Citizens Academy 
•Stephanie Rowden, UM School of Art & Design •Leah Cordero, Ann Arbor Citizens Academy
•Hannah Smotrich, UM School of Art & Design •Jennifer Alexa, Deputy City Clerk
•Steve Gerhart, Deputy City Clerk