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Resources for 2018

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​The presentations and links below are designed to provide quick access to material covered during the 2018 Ann Arbor Citizens Academy (A2CA). ​


In order to provide participants and members of the public a quick and simple way to reference the material presented in the 2018 A2CA, presentations are available to download below.

Download Presentations

Session Photographs

Jonah Copi, 2018 A2CA Participant snapped a number of photographs of the 2018 A2CA. 

​Annotated Links

Many presentations are supplemented with a series of links to help reach resources already available on the City webpage. This collection of links points to topics talked about in the 2018 A2CA or requested by 2018 participants.


A2OpenBook is an online tool designed to disclose all City of Ann Arbor expenses in a transparent, simple and easy to use format. The links on the left side of the page will allow the public to access expenses and revenues by service area or by fund.

  • Follow this link to access A2OpenBook

Annual Budgets

Annual budgets are available online for 2005 to 2018.

Property Tax Calculation

Ann Arbor property owners receive property assessment and taxable value notification letters annually in March. The information at the link below explains the factors involved in determining property assessments and the terminology used in this process. There is also an expanded explanation of Assessments on a separate document.

Citizen's Guide to Finance and Budget

In a continuing efforts to improve City of Ann Arbor budget communications and education, this web resource was created to increase transparency with financial information and the budgeting process. We would like to help citizens better understand the complex efforts underway to maintain a balanced budget while also balancing service needs and expectations.

Licenses and Permits Page

The City Clerk's Office is responsible for issuing many permits and licenses. This page provides links or downloadable applications for most of the applications for the various permits and licenses available through the Clerk's Office.

Election Page

The election page offers election related news specific to Ann Arbor as well as subpages with information about filing petitions, voting, and working as an election inspector.

Boards and Commissions Information

Meeting schedules, agendas, minutes, and more are available online

List of current or upcoming vacancies for all City boards or commissions, including the Park Advisory Commission, City Planning Commission and Zoning Board of Appeals. This page also has a built-in application feature for anyone who wishes to be considered for an appointment by the Mayor and City Council.

Engineering Projects Page

The construction projects page lists upcoming projects, including resurfacing projects, preventative maintenance projects, underground utility projects and more.

Water Quality Report

The Water Quality Report,​ provides an in-depth look at sources of drinking water, levels of contaminants and important information on water quality issues. The report reflects Ann Arbor's rigorous testing and demonstrates how Ann Arbor drinking water continues to meet or exceed state and federal regulations

AAPD Ride Along

Ride alongs are available for academy participants without a criminal history. To request a ride along, you must contact Duty Command at (734) 794-6921.
Times available are, 6:45AM - 11AM, 3:45PM - 7:00PM, and 6:45PM - 11:00PM.

Neighborhood Watch

The Neighborhood Watch program is a partnership between local law enforcement and the Ann Arbor community with the goal of reducing crime and illegal activities that occur in neighborhoods. This program works by bringing neighborhood residents together for the purpose of reporting suspicious activity, informing each other about crimes that occur in the neighborhood and employing crime-prevention techniques. Each neighborhood has a volunteer block captain, whose role is to gather information and to disseminate important crime prevention information to residents. The police department's role is to respond to calls for service, provide resources and information to the block captain and to notify the block captain if there are crime patterns or trends identified within his or her neighborhood.

Graduation Photographs​

Please note that not all members of the Class of 2018 made it into the graduating class photo, it was hard to pull everyone away from the City Council meeting going on a few yards away just inside the building. Despite this, the group posed for a respectable photograph then played along with a request from the academy coordinator for a silly photograph before parting ways.