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​Library Public Engagement Summary

Library Lot Public Engagement Summary (PDF)

Library Lot events:

Library Lane Developer Public Engagement Presentations

Public Engagement Presentation 1 (PDF)

Public Engagement Presentation 2 (PDF)

Public Engagement Presentation 3 (PDF)


Library Lot Development Proposals—A2 Open City Hall online feedback opportunity

Launch Date:  Thursday, October 29, 2015

Closing Date:  Thursday, November 12, 2015

Access via the A2 Open City Hall link on the City webpage:

To view choose 'Library Lot Development Proposals' from the 'Closed Topics' listing.


Library Lot Development Proposals—Public Open House

Date:  Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Time:  4 pm to 7 pm

Location:  Larcom City Hall Lobby


News Release: Library Lot Development Proposal Presentations Take Place Thursday, Oct. 22


The following responses were received for the RFP Offering Memorandum for 319 S. Fifth Avenue (Library Lot) (PDF) 



     Core Spaces

Responses no longer under consideration:

     CA Ventures

     Dora Hospitality

     Duet Development, LLC

     Flaherty & Collins

     Graduate Hotels

     Morningside Equities Group, Inc.

     Northern Capital Investments



Council Resolutions:

Resolution Designating an Urban Park Location on the Library Lot Site - March 3, 2014 (PDF)

Resolution to Direct the City Administrator to List for Sale 319 South Fifth and to Retain Real Estate Brokerage Services - March 17, 2014 (PDF)

Resolution to Establish a Policy for the Distribution of Proceeds from the Sale of Development Rights on 319 S. Fifth Ave. (the Library Lot) - April 7, 2014 (PDF)

Resolution to Affirm and Approve CORE as the Selected Developer of 319 South Fifth and Authorize the City Administrator and City Attorney to Begin the Negotiation Process for Sale of the Property - January 19, 2016 (PDF)

Resolution to Authorize the Sale of Development Rights above the City's Underground Parking Structure Located at 319 S. Fifth Ave., to Core Spaces and Appropriate Funds for Outside Legal Services (8 Votes Required) - April 17, 2017 (PDF)

Resolution to Approve the Workforce Housing Covenant for the Collective on Fifth Development at 319 S. Fifth -September 17, 2018(PDF)

Resolution to Approve the Parking Agreement for the Collective on Fifth Development at 319 S. Fifth - September 17, 2018 (PDF)

Resolution to Approve the Master Deed for the Collective on Fifth Condominium at 319 S. Fifth Avenue - October 15, 2018 (PDF) Council Agenda Responses and Staff Responses to this item, DC-4 on the October 15, 2018 Council Agenda, are also available:  October 15, 2018 Agenda Responses (PDF)

Resolution Establishing Center of the City Task Force (PDF) - February 19, 2019 

Boards and Commissions Documents:

Ann Arbor Planning Commission Resolution to Request City Council Utilize an RFP/RFQ Process for the Sale of the Development Rights Over the "Library Lot" Underground Parking Structure -  Approved by Ann Arbor Planning Commission March 18, 2014 (PDF)

Park Advisory Commission Recommendation for Redevelopment of Library Plaza and Development of the Library Lot - September 2, 2014 (PDF)

Communications from City Administrator to Council:

Memo to Mayor and Council - June 4, 2015 (PDF)

Memo to Mayor and Council - August 31, 2015 (PDF) and attachment (PDF)

Memo to Mayor and Council - September 18, 2015 (PDF)

Memo to Mayor and Council - April 5, 2017 (PDF)

Memo to Mayor and Council - April 17, 2017 (PDF)

Memo to Mayor and Council - Agenda Responses - April 17, 2017 (PDF)

Other project documents:

Memorandum from Dykema - August 9, 2012 (PDF)

Summary of Provisions for Future Development Draft - January 8, 2014 (PDF)

Hotel Market Study - October 24, 2014 (PDF)

Library Lot Agreement of Sale - May 31, 2018 (PDF)








Contact Information:

Tom Crawford
301 E. Huron St. 
Ann Arbor, MI 48104
ext. 45100


Sara Higgins
Strategic Planning Coordinator