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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Ann Arbor Senior Center
Burns Park

1320 Baldwin Ave.
Ann Arbor, MI 48104 (directions)

Phone: 734.794.6250
Brittany Patton, Recreation Supervisor
[email protected] 

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Monday-Thursday, 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Friday, 9 a.m. - 2 p.m.
Select evening and weekend community programs.

Ann Arbor Senior Center Status Update

Under the current pandemic, the Ann Arbor Senior City is offering limited programming. Staff are exploring other ways to bring programs to members of the senior center. Staff will continue to evaluate reopening the senior center as social distancing guidelines and CDC recommendations are updated. For more information regarding the senior center, please contact Brittany Patton at [email protected]​​.

The Ann Arbor Senior Center is your center for community programs and public or private events; offering a range of programs, services, and social activities to empower and engage older adults in healthful and meaningful ways. The Ann Arbor Senior Center provides programs and services that promote fitness and activity, reduce the risk of adverse health events, and provide recreational and cultural activities that can improve physical stamina and maintain cognitive functioning. Our goal is to make healthy activities fun while providing access to wellness information and support for older people and their families. We are proud to be a part of this community and we would be honored to have you join us. ​ Programs and services for all ages are offered at the Ann Arbo​r Senior Center and also in Burns Park. Please note the savings you earn if you sign up to be a member! It's great value when you compare member and nonmember fees.
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Weekly Newsletter

​​​​Each week we post a newsletter that highlights some of the programs and events taking place over the next week. To read the full article click Weekly Newsletter​​​​.​ Thanks for reading!​

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Featured Article

​​Here at the Ann Arbor Senior Center we welcome our members to engage with one another through their creative outlets. This month we are featuring an article by Claire Wentz.  Claire is the creator of Caring from Afar and is interested in providing assistance and support to those caregivers who do not live near their loved ones. She hopes her writing will inform them, uplift them, and give them peace of mind when they need it.

How People With Disabilities Can Run for Office Successfully


One in five American adults has a disability, only a few are involved in leadership and politics — this needs to change. Among the ways you can contribute is to face the different challenges people with disabilities encounter on the campaign trail. Running for office is a good way to effect change in a community. While the process is exciting, you need a solid strategy to be successful. Research and understanding how you can approach the process for the best results is critical. The City of Ann Arbor Michigan shares these tips to guide you while navigating a potential political run.

Strategize and Research

In government, people with disabilities are underrepresented, which is one reason someone with a disability should be inspired to run for office. For example, those with Down syndrome are more absent from politics. Should an official with Down syndrome be elected, it would add a unique voice to a segment of the population. While planning your campaign, hone your messaging to highlight how you will govern and the things you plan to accomplish once elected. Research what the position you're running for entails and be sure to study voter demographics in your area. Also, find out the number of votes you need to secure a win. 

If you want to improve your skills in running a campaign, you should consider getting an advanced degree, which improves your credentials as a candidate. You can go back to school to enroll in an MBA program, which will allow you to boost your knowledge of management, strategy, and business, which is important during campaigns.

Assemble a Team

The other step is to assemble a team that will support your agenda and help you with your campaigns. It's important to put together a knowledgeable and supportive team that can make a difference in your candidacy. Your political campaign needs vital players, including a campaign manager, a communications manager, and a financial advisor. When looking for a campaign manager, find someone highly organized. They should be able to manage both big-picture planning and minuscule details that will help your campaign run smoothly.

Perhaps most importantly, the person you hire as your manager should be sensitive to your needs as someone with a disability. They should also constantly evaluate events and venues to ensure the setting is appropriate for someone like you. 

Be Visible

To win an election, you need more than just having a successful campaign. It's important to get the support of your community and meet as many people as you can. This is possible through events such as neighborhood clean-ups, community picnics, and open houses, where you can learn about issues that matter to the people around you. Being out in the community will make it easy for people to recognize you, and this can create a connection between the people and your campaign. Visibility is a great way to gain volunteers and can help you spread your campaign message quickly.

Use Social Media

The internet is among the most powerful tools in the modern world. It can help you reach people more effectively from all walks of life. Social media is a platform that allows you to connect with people in different parts without the burden of spending a fortune; you don't need a door-to-door campaign to garner support, as you can reach the electorate in different ways. Platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram allow you to share your message and engage with voters. These platforms offer incredible viewership, which is important when you want to establish yourself as a contender for a political seat. 

Running a political campaign requires a strong strategy and extreme dedication. As a person with a disability, you should learn about your target demographic and understand how to structure your campaign for the best results. Also, get a team that can help you share your message more effectively. All of this will help you achieve a greater chance of success!​

Photo by: Pexels

Senior Moments

Senior Moments Logo.jpg

CTN's monthly series, Senior Moments, provides valuable information for senior citizens on such issues as health, wealth, finance and entertainment by covering events and activities at senior centers in the Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti area. Click the ad to watch the series and catch it on Comcast CTN Channel 16, on the last Sunday of the month at 5pm. Reruns Sundays @ 5pm, Mondays @ 8am, Tuesdays @ 7:30 am, Wednesdays at 11 am, Fridays at 5pm. To access the series online visit ​For the latest episode featuring 

Ward Talk #171 with Jeff Hayner, Ann Arbor City Councilmember from the 1st Ward, August 2021​, click here.​ 

​Senior Center Membership

Individual and Family Membership

Ann Arbor Senior Center Membership Advantage: Please consider joining the center to start receiving discounts on classes and senior center rentals! A year long membership is only $25, and a family annual membership is $35. Consider the facts: Most ACBL players come two times a week and play - that's nearly 100 games a year. Your membership would cost you just $25 a year , saving you $75. Most Scrabble and Mahjong players play 50 times a year, and with a Senior Center membership, you will save $75 a year!​

Drive-Thru Events


Programs & Activities

​​ArtistStudioNew!!.pngNew! Artists Open Studio

Starting Nov. 5, Every Friday, Noon – 2 p.m.
Calling all artists and craft enthusiasts. Join us for a weekly open studio where we invite you to bring your own projects and art equipment to work in a socially distanced gathering space. Don’t have your hands on a project or equipment? Not to worry – we have a collection of materials and craft projects that you can choose from. Friends encouraged. Masks required. Call 734.794.6235 to reserve a space. Cost is $2 members, $5 non-members


Mind Matters ​

Every Wednesday, 10-11 a.m.

Join us for fun brain exercises that are designed to keep your brain young, strong, agile, and adaptable. No experience necessary – just bring a pen, paper, and an open mind! 

Join Zoom Meeting URL: ​

Meeting ID: 947 2633 1603. Passcode: 739714. 

For more information email [email protected] Free of charge

​​Canva Live Trivia.jpgWednesdays, October 6th and 20th, 1-2 p.m.

We are back with live trivia via Zoom! Join us on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month. Each game will have questions based on weekly themes. Invite your friends, grandchildren, and neighbors to login and play with you, or be placed on a team with others. We will keep a tally of winners and at the end, will have prizes that you can pick up. 

Join Zoom Meeting URL:​HdncWdkMkxQQWxHcWhIbEt0UXJuQT09

Zoom Meeting ID: 979 1239 9740. Passcode: 194912. 

For more information email [email protected]. Free of charge.​​​

the lar sons.pngBlue Grass Jam

Second and fourth Tuesdays, 7-9 p.m., drop-in fee: $5.​​​​

​The A2 Blue Grass participants, from expert to novice, come from all over southeast Michigan to have fun withbluegrass jamming and singing. We draw a wide variety of musical Instruments including banjos, fiddles, standup and electronic bass, percussion, washboard, dobro, mandolin and the occasional harmonica. All ages are welcome. Visit the Bluegrass website for more information.

Bridge Games & Instruction​

Duplicate Non-sanctioned Bridge Games (1).pngDuplicate Non-sanctioned Bridge Games

Starting Oct. 4th, Mondays , 12:30-3:30 p.m., drop-in fee: $2 member; $3 nonmember

Non-sanctioned Duplicate Bridge, directed by Ray Gentz, attracts players of all ages with varied levels of expertise including life masters to beginners. ​​

Instruction​​​​​​​al Bridge

Bridge Defense   Part III

Mondays, June 28 - August 30,  10:00-​​​​11:30 a.m.; fee: $110 member; $132 nonmember

This class is designed for beginners and low intermediate players who wish to improve their defensive play. We will study chapters 7-9 in the text which may be purchased online or ordered from your local bookstore if you didn't take Part I or II. Students may register in advance and pre-pay for all 10 weeks or pay on opening day. If you want to do drop-in, please call the Senior Center office at 794-6250 after 9AM on the day of the class to reserve a spot. It is highly recommended that students have some type of previous bidding class or experience. For more details, contact the instructor at [email protected] or call the Senior Center office.

Prerequisites: Bridge I or equivalent or prior experience​

Bridge II Play of the Hand    

Part II: Tuesdays,  June 22  - August 31 , noon - 1:30 p.m.; fee:  $110 member; $132 nonmember​

This class is designed for advanced beginner and low intermediate players who wish to improve declarer skills and will cover chapters 7-9 of the text. The main part of the course deals with play of the hand as declarer. Other parts include bidding reviews, defense, and more. The text may be purchased online or ordered from your local bookstore. Students may register in advance and pre-pay for all 11 weeks or may reserve a spot if doing drop-in. To reserve a spot, call the office at the number given below after 9AM the day of the class. For more details, contact the instructor at [email protected] or the Senior Center office at 794-6250.

Pre-requisites: Bridge I or instructor permission

Bridge for Beginners     

Part III: Tuesdays, June 22 - August 31, 2 - 3:30 p.m.; fee: $110 member; $132 ​nonmember.​

This class will cover chapters 6-9 of the text “Bidding in the 21st Century” by Audrey Grant. The class is mainly for anyone who has taken Bridge I through Ann Arbor Community Rec + Ed or Bridge For Beginners at Burns Park. This is a great review class for others who may want a good review of overcalls, takeout doubles and Stay man. Make sure to have the text before June 22nd. Students may pay before class or on the first day or if you wish to do drop-in, please call the Senior Center to reserve a spot after 9AM on the day of the class at 794-6250. If you have questions, call the Center or email the
instructor at [email protected].

Prerequisite: Bridge For Beginners Part I or instructor permission​

Wellness and Enrichment

Life Line Screenings

​Future date to be announced soon.

Life Line Screening​Life Line Screening will again host health screenings at the Ann Arbor Senior Center. For more information or to register, visit​

Veteran Healthcare Resources for the Community

istockphoto-1034148906-612x612.jpgMedicare, like all health insurance programs, can be very complicated. How Medicare works with military healthcare benefits can be especially confusing. This free resource helps veterans understand how Medicare works with VA and TRICARE benefits and how to enroll.

Rent the Ann Arb​or Senior Center

It’s the perfect place to connect with your community... convenient, accessible, and available for rent! The Ann Arbor Senior Center offers a variety of amenities for your family celebration, club meetings, and public classes. The ​facility includes a main room that measures 1,360 square feet, as well as a comfortable lobby area, and private meeting room. Affordably priced and convenient, the center is ideal for receptions, parties, retreats, business meetings, trainings, and more! Rental fees are affordable and start at $45 per hour. Adult functions may also pay an additional fee for an alcohol permit. ​For additional information or to setup a time to view the facility, please call ​734.794.6250​. You can also click ​here to find additional room rental information online, or download a PDF of our Room Reservation Rental Request. Room Reservation Rental Request.pdf​.​


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