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​​​​​​​​​1.5 Hr River Trip   2.5 Hr River Trip   Stillwater Paddles  Tube   Groups​​

Paddle a boat through the parks in Ann Arbor! We offer a 1.5 hour and a 2.5 hour river trip, 2-hour stillwater paddling in 2-mile Argo and Gallup reservoirs and tubing down the Argo Cascades. 

River Trips 

River trips paddle down the river current and we provide a van shuttle upriver. We offer two river trips both of which paddle through the Argo Cascades and on down the Huron River through the city of Ann Arbor. No reservations for we have 100's of kayaks and canoes available to rent. Groups of 15 or more people see groups tab above. We offer personal boat transports on weekdays only.

Argo to Gallup Trip - 3.7 miles, 1.5 hrs

ArgoCanoeLiveryCascadesWeb.jpgThis river trip starts with kayaking the Argo Cascades, or you can bypass the cascades, and ends with a relaxing paddle down the Huron River. In October park at the Gallup Livery to start your river trip for the Argo Livery is closed for the season.

Argo to Gallup River Trip Schedule

Oct. 7-Oct. 20:

  • Every day, every hour on the hour, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. from Gallup.

Argo to Gallup River Trip Boat Fees

  • $27/2-person kayak
  • $21/1-person kayak
  • $27/2-person canoe, 3rd adult +$10, if small children can fit 4 people, no extra charge for children <13 years old
  • $72/5-person raft - NA

Barton to Gallup Trip - 5.7 mile, 2.5 hrs

072015Kayak-6.jpgThis trip starts at the Gallup Livery with a van ride upriver to Barton Park. This is our longest river trip starting with a 2-mile paddle through Argo Pond, paddling down the fun Argo Cascades (requires navigating class two rapids) and ending with a relaxing paddle down the river current back to Gallup Park where your car is parked.

Barton to Gallup River Trip Schedule

NA in October

Barton to Gallup River Trip Boat Fees

  • $32/2-person kayak
  • $26/1-person kayak
  • Canoes and rafts are not available for this trip​

Counter Map 2016v2.jpg

Stillwater Paddling in the Reservoirs 

072015RiverDay-106.jpgPaddle a boat in 2-mile Gallup Reservoir or Argo Reservoir where there is little or no current. Great for beginners and families. No van ride needed; just jump in a boat and go!      


Stillwater Paddling Schedule

Oct. 7-Oct. 20:

  • Every day at Gallup only, rent anytime between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. Boats returned to Gallup docks by 7 p.m.
​Boat​​Livery Rental Available
​1-person Kayak
​Argo and Gallup
​2 hours​$15/boat
​Canoe and 2-person Kayak
​Argo and Gallup
​2 hours​$20/boat

​Paddleboat    (Water Bike)

​1 hour
​Stand-up Paddleboard
​2 hours

​2 hours

Tube Rentals at Argo Livery

072015cascades-26.jpgFloat down the Argo Cascades, walk back to the top and repeat the fun! One-person per tube, ages 8 years and above. Shoes required (no flip flops). No coolers. Tubes are just for use in the cascades and do not go down the river to Gallup Park. People average three to four tube rides down the cascades in a two-hour rental. Lockers are available at Argo for personal belongings. 

No van transportation provided for tube rentals or personal tubes.

Tube Rental Schedule

Closed for the season.

Tube Rental Fee 

  • $10/tube, 2 hours

Have Your Own Tube?

072015cascades-15.jpgTube the river details on routes to take, where to park and a map of the river. ​On weekends park at the Kellogg Eye Center 900 Wall Street for a short walk to the Argo Cascades. ​

Parking at the Liveries on Weekends

Argo and Gallup Canoe Livery are busy places on nice weather weekends and parking is limited. Please carpool, bike or walk! We've improved parking options at the Argo Livery by adding Argo Parking (pdf) at the Kellogg Eye Center 900 Wall Street available on summer weekends and holidays. Park at adjacent Huron High School or Furstenberg parking pdf for extra parking at Gallup Park on weekends.

Argo Cascades

  • Argo Cascades are a series of nine small drops and pools.
  • Two-person kayaks, one-person kayaks, five-person rafts and tubes paddle through the cascades.
  • Argo Livery tube rentals are required to stay in the cascades.
  • Canoes are available for the Argo to Gallup river trip and bypass the cascades by launching downstream from Argo Dam.
  • Stillwater paddles do not go down the cascades.
  • Requirements to kayak down the Argo Cascades:
    • Paddler in the stern of every kayak must have some experience paddling a boat (5 or more times) and be able to steer to stay in the middle of river and avoid hitting rocks.
    • ​Everyone in the boat must be a capable swimmer and be able to right a capsized boat.
    • Wear your lifejacket, go slow, enter each drop straight on, and if you are unable to line up your boat for the next drop, stop and circle back to try it again.

Boat Rental Details

072015cascades-53.jpgWe have over 500 boats so we can accomodate most everyone on all but the busiest of days. No reservations except for groups of 15 or more people can make weekday reservations by calling the Gallup Livery office at 734.794.6240.

  • Our busiest times and longest wait for boats is nice weather summer weekends. Avoid this time to avoid the crowds. Arrive early for boat rentals for lines may be long and we sell out. Many days we have to stop rentals before 4 p.m. due to the length of line and being out of kayaks. Last boat rental for the Argo to Gallup river trip is 4 p.m. with all boats due to Gallup docks by 6 p.m. in spring/fall and 7 p.m. in summer months.
  • All boaters are required to sign a Risk Waiver . A parent or guardian must sign for children younger than 16 years old.
  • Maximum cooler size allowed is 12" x 12" x 12".
  • Only ONE cooler per boat, Styrofoam coolers are not permitted.
  • No alcohol or glass bottles of any kind.
  • We provide boats, paddles, lifejackets, van transportation for the river trips, and a river orientation.
  • Lifejackets are required and provided. We have all sizes from child's small to adult XL.
  • Children under the age of 1 year are not permitted in our watercraft.
  • Minors under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult (age 18 or older).
  • Canoes maximum 3 people (4 people allowed if you have 2 children with combined weight of less than 100 lbs.) 
  • One person in your group is required to fill out a rental agreement and leave a deposit (either car keys or driver's license) for the rented boats.
  • We accept all credit cards, cash or checks as payment.
  • Dogs are welcome!
  • Swimming, diving and jumping from watercraft are prohibited.
  • Valuables or personal belongings that you do not want to get wet or lost should not be taken on the river or should be enclosed in a water tight container. For your convenience, we sell dry bags/containers and have lockers on site.
  • Late fee: The City will charge double the rental rate per watercraft for equipment that is not returned to the livery by closing time.

Group Boat Rentals

Huron River Halloween_04.jpgBring your family, friends, work or school groups out boating on the Huron River! Groups may also rent a picnic shelter or indoor room to combine a paddle trip with a party or picnic. Call the Gallup Livery at 734.794.6240 for details.

  • Group boat reservations are available on weekdays only and for groups of 15 or more people
  • We do not offer discount boat rental fees for groups except for school groups during the spring and fall months.
  • The 3.7 mile Argo to Gallup trip is best for large groups for more boat choices and vans are available for this trip. Stillwater paddling is perfect for novice paddlers.
  • If your group is less than 15 people, just come in and we can accommodate you on all but the busiest of days for we have hundreds of boats. 

School Group River Trips and Programs​

We can work with you to provide a river experience that best fits your class for an unforgettable outdoor exploration in boats on the Huron River. Available are canoes (3 people maximum​), 2-person kayaks, 1-person kayaks, kayaks for kids, 5-person rafts, paddles, lifejackets, boating instructions, and staff to help with or lead your river adventure. Join us for fun river education and recreation!

Huron River Water Trail 

The Huron River Water Trail is a 104-mile (167 km) inland paddling trail connecting people to the river's natural environment, its history and the communities it touches in Michigan. The Huron River Water Trail is a project of the Huron River Watershed Council and RiverUp! and is recognized as a National Water Trail  Check out canoe art, improved portages, added landings and river signs on Ann Arbor's section of the river. Paddle the Huron River!

Argo Park Livery

1055 Longshore Dr., Ann Arbor, MI 734.794.6241, Cheryl Saam, Recreation Supervisor

Closed for the season. Go to Gallup for all boat rentals.

Gallup Park Livery

3000 Fuller Road, Ann Arbor, MI 734.794.6240, Cheryl Saam, Recreation Supervisor

Sept. 3-Oct. 20: Every day, 11 a.m.-7 p.m. weather permitting. We close if the high temp for the day is predicted to be less than 55 F.