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Blanchard's Cricket Frog

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Acris crepitans blanchardi
NEVER pick up an amphibian with your bare hands! This could damage their delicate skin.

Blanchard's Cricket Frog is a Threatened Species. 
They have only been found at two locations in Michigan.

Identifying Features

  • 1 inch long; brown or grayish warty-skinned.  May have a dark triangle between its eyes.
  • Once common, this frog has experienced notable population declines for nearly 30 years and is presently restricted to small, localized colonies.
  • Inhabit open edges of permanent waters.
  • Spend a lot of time floating on algae mats and water lily leaves.
  • Mud flats and muddy or sandy shorelines are also favored.
  • Diurnal during cool weather.
  • Active throughout day and night in warmer months.
  • Winter is spent beneath shoreline debris or burrowed into soil near water.


  • Rapid clicking, like two marbles being tapped together.  Similar to a Chorus Frog’s call.


  • Prefer warmer temperatures and do not breed until late spring or early summer.
  • Occurs from mid to late May through early July.
  • 200-400 eggs laid either free-floating or attached to submerged twigs or plants.


  • Eggs hatch within a few days.
  • Tadpoles metamorphose to frogs in 5-10 weeks.
  • Sexual maturity in 1 year.
  • Seldom survive longer than one or two breeding seasons.

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