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City Elections are held in the City of Ann Arbor every even year. Elections are held on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in August (Primary) and November (General). Polling places are open from 7 a.m. until 8 p.m. on election days.  The City Clerk is the City's chief elections officer and is responsible for the administration of all City Elections.

Absentee Ballot Applications

Mailing of Absentee Ballot Applications for November 2 Special Election

The Ann Arbor City Clerk's Office will be mailing out absentee ballot applications to all voter's on the Permanent Absentee Voter List in early September. Any voter registered in the City of Ann Arbor who is interested in receiving a ballot by mail should return a completed signed application to the City Clerk by mail or in person at 301 E. Huron Street, 2nd Floor, Ann Arbor 48104​; by fax at 734-994-8296; or email at [email protected]. Faxed and emailed forms can be in any file format (PDF,JPEG, etc), but must include the voter’s signature. Voters no longer need a reason to receive a ballot by mail in advance of Election Day.

NEW! Voters with a Michigan driver's license of State ID can apply online for a ballot here!

Voters who have returned application forms to the City Clerk can expect ballots to be available and mailed beginning September 23.

Upcoming Elections - Special Election on Tuesday, November 2

Get Election Night Results here!

The next election in the City of Ann Arbor is the Special Election on Tuesday, November 2, 2021. This election includes four City Charter amendment proposals. See below for full text of the proposed charter amendments.

The last day to register to vote by mail, or with any designated voter registration agency (e.g. County Clerk, Secretary of State Branch Office, etc.), for the November 2 election is Monday, October 18, 2020. After this date, voters can still register in-person at the City Clerk's Office with proof of residency until 8:00 P.M. on Election Day.

The Ann Arbor City Clerk's Office will be open for in-person voter registration and absentee ballot requests on Saturday, October 30, 2021 from 8:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. Voters registering to vote within 14 days of an election will be required to provide proof of residency.

Temporary Polling Place Change, Ward 3, Precinct 6&9 (3-6, 3-9) Relocated to Mitchell Elementary School, 3550 Pittsview Drive

Voters assigned to Precincts 3-6&3-9 at Scarlett Middle School will be temporarily reassigned to Mitchell Elementary, 3550 Pittsview Drive, for the November 2, 2021 City Special Election. Please note that Mitchell Elementary is located right out in front of Scarlett Middle School, the permanent location. Signage will be placed at both schools on Election Day to assist voters. Please email or call the City Clerk for more information.​

Ann Arbor City Charter Amendment Related to Best Value Purchasing

Shall Section 14.3 subsection d of the Charter be amended to require the City to award contracts for supplies, materials, or public improvements, to the bidder that is deemed the best value to the City rather than the lowest responsible bidder?

Ann Arbor City Charter Amendment Related to Ranked Choice Voting for the Election of City Officers

Shall the Charter be amended to provide that the Mayor and City Council members are to be nominated and elected by a Ranked Choice Voting method when it is authorized by State Law?

Ann Arbor City Charter Amendment Related to Emergency Procurement

Shall Section 14.2 of the Charter be amended to require City Council to establish, by ordinance, the procedure by which the City Administrator may make emergency purchases.

Ann Arbor City Charter Amendment Related to the $25,000 Dollar Limit

Shall Section 14.2 of the Charter be amended to permit the City Council to delegate to the City Administrator the authority to approve purchases and to enter into contracts when the cost to the City is equal to or lesser than $75,000, to be adjustable for inflation.

Absentee Ballot Envelopes - Postage paid for November 2!

Absentee ballot return envelopes for the November 2 Special Election are postage paid return. The USPS recommends mailing ballots at least 7 days in advance of the election.

Postage Paid envelopes 2020.jpg 

Michigan's absentee ballot envelopes have changed with a new design and all new look. Don't miss them coming to a mailbox near you soon! All ballots being sent to voters via the mail will now come in a white and blue envelope. The ballot inside has not changed, but the return envelope is also new, with a white and green design.  Please contact the City Clerk's Office if you have any questions about your absentee ballot or if you need to apply for one.

Returning your Absent Voter Ballot

Voters MUST return ballots no later than 8 p.m. on Election. The City Clerk's Office recommends that voters return ballots in advance of Election Day, and no later than Election Night at 8 p.m. Voters can return ballots in person at City Hall or one of our secure drop boxes located around town, or via mail or other courier.

The City Clerk's Office has an indoor ballot drop box in the north vestibule of City Hall as well as a new large drop box on Ann Street for drive-up convenience. These ballot boxes are accessible 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. We recommend that voters use the drop boxes or hand-deliver to the City Clerk's Office on the 2nd Floor during the last week before the election to ensure delivery and receipt by Election Day.

Ballot Drop Box Locations

Any Ann Arbor resident voting absentee can return their ballot in one of the secure drop boxes. Following is a list of all drop box locations (or view the map at here (PDF); directional signage at some outdoor locations will provide guidance to the boxes:

  1. Larcom City Hall, 301 E. Huron St., always open — Located inside the building, at the north entrance.

  2. *Larcom City Hall, on Ann Street — Located outside the building by the customer service drop box, on the north side of Ann Street, just east of Fifth Avenue.

  3. *Veterans Memorial Park Ice Arena and Pool, 2150 Jackson Ave. — Parking lot.

  4. *Ann Arbor Fire Station 5, 1946 Beal Ave. — Outside.

  5. *Cobblestone Farm/Ann Arbor Parks and Recreation Customer Service Center, 2781 Packard Road — Outside.

  6. *Ann Arbor Fire Station 6, 1881 Briarwood Circle — Northwest side of building, Eisenhower entrance, outside.

​​Election Day Line Tracker

Special elections may be held on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in May as needed, or in August or November of odd-years when regular elections are not normally held. 


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