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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Have you ever thought about how our transportation choices impac​t our community’s greenhouse gas emissions? In Ann Arbor, emissions from the transportation sector represented 31 percent of our community greenhouse gas emissions in 2010. That’s more than the emissions from the commercial and industrial sectors combined!

On average, Americans predominantly use personal vehicles for daily work commutes. Between fuel costs, car maintenance and parking fees, this can really add up! Locally, commuters and employers have a variety of transportation options, allowing them to cut down on annual costs of vehicle ownership.

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Resources for Employers​

getDowntown Program

The getDowntown program provides resources for employers and their employees working within the City of Ann Arbor’s dow​ntown boundaries. The go!pass program allows employees to pay only $10 for an annual bus pass, translates into a car-free commute into the downtown corridor and significant annual savings. Additionally, the program provides resources and events to educate and inform commuters about alternate transportation options in the City of Ann Arbor.

Commercial fleets

Businesses looking to cut costs and reduce emissions associated with vehicle operations can take a variety of steps to ensure optimal fleet performance. For businesses ready to take their fleet beyond the basics, there are significant economic and environmental benefits from the adoption of alternative fuels and advanced technology vehicles. Clean Energy Coalition offers personalized fleet consultations and can work with your company to assess the best strategy for your individual fleet.

Car sharing

Need a car for your office, but only sometimes? Zipcar for business might just be the perfect solution for your company.

Resources for Employees

Public transportation

With over 1,500 bus stops located in and around the Ann Arbor municipal area, employees have ample opportunity to use public transportation as an alternate means of commuting into work. The Ann Arbor Transportation Authority, or AATA, services not only city locations but also nearby regional hubs, allowing commuters to travel in from Chelsea and Canton using the A2 Express direct bus line.

Biking to work

The City of Ann Arbor has a robust biking community. With over 36 miles of bike lanes and dedicated city ordinances for the installation of bike parking, the city has taken strides to promote this form of transportation. Find out how to make the most of Ann Arb​or’s bike system

In addition, try ArborBike​, Ann Arbor's bike share program. ​


Commuting with a co-worker can help cut down on fuel costs, while offering some company on your morning and evening commutes.

Car sharing/Zipcar

Need to run to a mid-day meeting or do errands after work? The City of Ann Arbor has a regional Zipcar ​presence, which is a car-sharing program that allows individuals to rent a vehicle for a few hours, or a full day. With a fleet of vehicles at your disposal, Zipcar provides a viable option for downtown employees looking to use alternate transportation options.


Some employers may offer the option of telecommuting, or working from home for a given number of days each week or month. This option allows employees to avoid the transportation costs incurred from commuting in, while continuing to contribute from home.​

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