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​​​This repository of proposed settlement documents was prepared by Washtenaw County and its Health Department, the City of Ann Arbor, Scio Township, and the Huron River Watershed Council​.

This repository of documents includes the documents that are proposed to settle the current disputes in Attorney General of the State of Michigan, et al. vs. Gelman Sciences, Inc., File No. 88-34734-CE, Washtenaw County Circuit Court, and then govern actions going forward regarding the Gelman site and plume.

The following proposed settlement documents and supporting information have been approved for public r​eview while final decisions on the settlement documents are being considered by the parties.  The proposed Fourth Amended and Restated Consent Judgment and the Stipulated Order will be considered and voted on by Washtenaw County, the City of Ann Arbor, and Scio Township (the local government Intervenors), and by the Huron River Watershed Council​. Each proposed Settlement Agreement will be considered and voted on by the local government i​ntervenor that is a party to the agreement.

The other documents and videos are to help with review and understanding of the proposed settlement documents.​​

Addition​​al ​Informati​on 

Future public meetings and engagement will be scheduled and announced by each of the respective local governments.​

Proposed Settlement​ Docum​​ents​​​ and Supporting Resources​

3rd vs. 4th Amen​ded Consent Judgment Key Changes Chart​​​​ (PDF)​​.

Proposed Fourth Amended and Restated Consent Judgment​ (PDF).​​​

Attachments​ to Fo​urt​h A​​​mended and Restated Con​​sent Jud​gment 

Attachment A - Gelman Property (PDF).

Attachment B - Groundwater Analytical Methods (PDF).

Attachment C - Prohibition Zon​e Map​​ (PDF).

Attachment D - Soil Analytical Method (PDF). 

Attachment E - Summary of Prohibition Zone Restrictions and Map​ (PDF).

Attachment F - Legal Notice​ (PDF).

Attachment G - Site Map (PDF).

Attachment H - Options Array (PDF).

Attachment I - Onsite Treatment Areas (PDF).

Attachment J - Burn Pit Area (PDF).

Attachment K - Letter of Credit (PDF).

Attachment L - Fina​ncial Test Corporate Guarantee​​ (PDF)​.

Explanatory Videos by Dr. Lawrence Lemk​​e

Part 1 – Introduction

Part 2 - Background and Site History. ​​​

Part 3 - Overview of the Revised Consent Judgment.

Part 4 - The Eastern Area.

Part 5 - The Western Area.​

Part 6 - The Source Area.

Stipulated O​​rder​​​​ (PDF).​

Proposed Settlement Agreements

Proposed Settlement Agreement Between Gelman and County (PDF)  |  Proposed Settlement Agreement Between Gelman and Scio Township (PDF)  |  Proposed Settlement Agreement Between Gelman and City of Ann Arbor​​​ (PDF)​

Redlined Comparison of Fourth Amended Consent Judgment to Third Amended Consent Judgment​ (PDF).