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 Sustainability Framework Progress

Ann Arbor's sustainability framework project started in January 2011. An overview of current progress and next steps for this project are below.

Current Progress 

  • Interviewed over 25 city staff representatives
  • Compiled one-page summaries of each city plan
  • Formed an internal staff working group to support the process
  • Made introductory and status presentations to Energy, Environmental, Park Advisory, and Planning commissions
  • Reviewed sustainability plans from a variety of cities as background
  • Organized 200+ city goals into four planning theme areas (climate and energy, community, land use and access, and resource management)
  • Organized 200+ goals into 16 sustainability goals and reviewed each to ensure that plan goals were fully captured in each sustainability goal
  • Held a joint commission meeting with commissioners from Energy, Environmental, Park Advisory, and Planning commissions (September 2011) to review planning areas and goal organization
  • Programmed four Sustainable Ann Arbor Forums in January, February, March and April  2012 to share sustainability efforts with the community and foster a community discussion around these issues
  • Based on feedback from commissioners, formed a Sustainability Framework Committee with two representatives from Energy, Environmental, Park Advisory, and Planning commissions to help identify overarching goals (December 2011).  Members from the Housing Commission and HHSAB have been added recently to this committee.  Members include: 

1.     Ingrid Ault, HHSAB

2.     Gloria Black, Housing Commission

3.     Erica Briggs, Planning Commission

4.     Julie Berson Grand, Park Advisory Commission

5.     Chuck Hookham, Energy Commission

6.     Susan Hutton, Environmental Commission

7.     Karen Levin, Park Advisory Commission

8.     Eric Mahler, Planning Commission

9.     Cliff Williams, Energy Commission

10.  Jamie Woolard, Environmental Commission

  • Created draft set of 16 sustainability goals
  • Post regular blog updates on the Sustainable Cities Institute website
  • Held a public meeting to solicit feedback on the draft set of sustainability goals
  • Presented resolution to boards and commission for review and approval of a set of overarching goals for the sustainability framework. View a pdf of the resolution here.
    • Energy Commission - Approved 5/8/2012
    • Park Advisory Commission - Approved 5/15/2012
    • Housing and Human Services Advisory Board - Approved 5/15/2012
    • Environmental Commission - Approved 5/24/2012
    • Planning Commission - Approved 6/5/2012
    • Housing Commission - Approved 6/27/2012
  • Presented resolution to Ann Arbor City Council to direct Planning Commission to initiate the process of adopting the sustainability framework as part of the City Master Plan - Approved 7/2/2012
  • Completed a draft Sustainability Framework document to incorporate into the City Master Plan

Next Steps

  • Connect overarching goals to measureable targets
  • Connect targets to actions to help reach targets

Plan Summaries

As part of the sustainability framework, city staff drafted one-page summaries for Ann Arbor's city plans. This one-page summaries were created to provide a snapshot of all the city's goals in one location. Each summary includes no more than ten goals from a plan and includes an overview of the reviews and approvals of each plan. This document is not meant to replace any city plans, but instead is a resource tool.

Download a pdf (1MB) of the summaries. 

Additional Resources