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Sustainability Framework Goals

Ann Arbor City Council approved a resolution to direct Planning Commission to incorporate 16 sustainability goals into the City Master Plan at the meeting on Monday, July 2nd.

Six different boards and commissions, including the Energy Commission, Environmental Commission, Housing Commission, Housing and Human Services Advisory Board, Park Advisory Commission, and Planning Commission, approved resolutions recommending that City Council adopt the 16 sustainability goals as part of the City Master Plan. The goals expand on the City’s ten environmental goals approved by City Council in 2007 by incorporating the three key aspects of sustainability – environment, economy, and equity.


Sustainable Energy – Improve access to and increase use of renewable energy by all members of our community

Energy Conservation – Reduce energy consumption and eliminate net greenhouse gas emissions in our community

Sustainable BuildingsReduce new and existing buildings’ energy use, carbon impact and construction waste, while respecting community context


Engaged Community - Ensure our community is strongly connected through outreach, opportunities for engagement, and stewardship of community resources

Diverse Housing - Provide high quality, safe, efficient, and affordable housing choices to meet the current and future needs of our community, particularly for homeless and low-income households

Human Services - Provide services that meet basic human needs of impoverished and disenfranchised residents to maximize the health and well-being of the community

Safe Community - Minimize risk to public health and property from manmade and natural hazards

Active Living and Learning - Improve quality of life by providing diverse cultural, recreational, and educational opportunities for all members of our community

Economic Vitality - Develop a prosperous, resilient local economy that provides opportunity by creating jobs, retaining and attracting talent, supporting a diversity of businesses across all sectors, and rewarding investment in our community


Transportation Options - Establish a physical and cultural environment that supports and encourages safe, comfortable and efficient ways for pedestrians, bicyclists, and transit users to travel throughout the city and region

Sustainable Systems - Plan for and manage constructed and natural infrastructure systems to meet the current and future needs of our community

Integrated Land Use - Encourage a compact pattern of diverse development that maintains our unique sense of place, preserves our natural systems, and strengthens our neighborhoods, corridors, and downtown


Clean Air and Water - Eliminate pollutants in our air and water systems

Healthy Ecosystems - Conserve, protect, enhance, and restore our aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems

Responsible Resource Use - Produce zero waste and optimize the use and reuse of resources in our community

Local Food - Conserve, protect, enhance, and restore our local agriculture and aquaculture resources

Download a pdf of the draft sustainability framework here.




A public meeting was held March 29th from 6pm-8pm at the Ann Arbor District Library to hear public input on the draft goals.

Download the press release (PDF)!


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