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 Climate and Energy Goals

The database below includes plan goals that fall within the climate and energy (CE) planning area. The climate and energy planning area includes goals related to Ann Arbor's greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, energy, and climate.

In December 2012, City Council also approved a Climate Action Plan that lays out additional goals to support the sustainability framework.

Sustainability Goals Database 

CE1Energy Challenge Goals2011
Reduce greenhouse gas emissions in municipal operations 50% from 2000 levels by 2015
CE2Energy Challenge Goals2011
Use 30% renewable energy in municipal operations by 2015
CE3Energy Challenge Goals2011
Reduce community-wide greenhouse gas emissions 8% from 2000 levels by 2015
CE4Energy Challenge Goals2011
Use 5% renewable energy community-wide by 2015
CE5Solar Plan2010
Commit to a solar implementation process
CE6Solar Plan2010
Simplify solar permitting
CE7Solar Plan2010
Advocate state-level policy changes
CE8Solar Plan2010
Integrate solar into city infrastructure and culture
CE9Solar Plan2010
Introduce solar access laws and robust building energy codes
CE10Solar Plan2010
Support solar workforce development and green jobs
CE11Huron River & Impoundment Management Plan2009
Anticipate and plan for the impact of large-scale forces such as climate change, development pressures and population changes
CE12Affordable Housing Needs Assessment2007
Develop 604 new low- and moderate-income green and energy efficient owner units
CE13Affordable Housing Needs Assessment2007
Develop 684 new green and energy efficient rental units for low-income households
CE14Affordable Housing Needs Assessment2007
Preserve 920 units of low-income owner housing through green and energy efficient rehabilitation
CE15Solar Roof Initiative2006
Develop a program to encourage the use of solar energy for heating domestic hot water with the goal of the installation of 5000 solar roofs by the year 2015
CE16Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Strategy2003
Commit to energy conservation measures and methods
CE17Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Strategy2003
Support the efforts of state and federal decision-makers working to implement GHG reduction programs
CE18Energy Plan 1994
Define the role of government in promoting and facilitating energy conservation among its citizenry
CE19Energy Plan 1994
Evaluate retrofitting Ann Arbor’s existing residential and nonresidential buildings with energy conservation measures
CE20Energy Plan 1994
Explore ways to increase local use of solar, wind, and hydroelectric energy technologies and recycling opportunities
CE21Energy Plan 1994
Consider energy conservation possibilities in City operations ranging from street lighting and transportation to public building retrofit
CE22Energy Plan 1994
Address issues of improved efficiency in buildings, protection of solar access, energy-conscious landscaping, and innovative building design